• Ban religious objects in public places

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  • Yes religious symbols should be banned from public building.

    The religious symbols stuck on building should be banned because this cause many arguments and fights.If a building has a symbol of cross then an Hindu or Muslim would like to take the cross symbol of and stick their symbol and this could lead to a very big conflict.Also these symbols change the meaning of the word secularism.Our country is secular and should ban the religious symbols on buildings.

  • Yes, they should.

    I believe that religious symbols should be banned from government public buildings. We founded our government on the principle that we should have a secular government. There should be no exceptions. Obviously, a privately owned building should be permitted to display whatever symbol they choose. I just don't believe that the government should advertise any religion.

  • Yes religious symbols should be banned from public buildings.

    The display of religious symbols on public buildings gives the implied endorsement of the religion represented by the symbol. Unless ALL religious symbols are going to be given equal placement in public buildings no religious symbols should be displayed. Government and religion should not be in the position of sharing the same space.

  • Yes, I think religous symbols should be banned from public buildings.

    Overall I am a strong believer in the separation of church and state and religious symbols on public buildings a clear violation of that separation, besides the separation of church and state I don't think it's fair for one religion to have a symbol on a public building while other religions don't get the same opportunity.

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  • We need help

    I think we should be able to practice our own religion bc i'm atheist but why stop someone from doing something that diffiens them the only reason people want to ban religious symbols is bc they r scared of them learn about them not fear them it will be better for us

  • People have the right to show their religion.

    I feel like religious symbols should not be banned because everyone has the right to practice their religion anywhere they want to and taking away the symbols takes that right away from them and that's not right everyone has that right to do it where ever and when ever they want to do it and some people want to do it in public buildings I say let them do it.

  • NO they have their right.

    Every one has their right and you can not ban that. If they think they might be targeted then they should not but it is their choice. Mistake or not mistake. And a church or a synagogue is a public space and it would be completely wrong to ban religious symbols from there.

  • Makes little sense

    There are many communities in the US that are very religious and derive a lot of happiness from the symbols, while, at the same time, causing little damage overall. Relgious symbols, just as symbols, have a long tradition in the US and people who are completely devoid of religion often recognize this.

  • Only on A church

    I do not see why other organizations would want religious symbols on their buildings. Especially, government buildings or any commercialized buildings. Many people who work in those places make up all kinds of religions and non religions. You would just up offending people who are not of that religion. Churches however, are all of the same religion and that is their logo so to speak. Meaning, no one should have a problem with that. Why must people make everything so complicated?

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