• Yes renouncing U.S. Citizenship should be very, very expensive.

    If a person chooses to renouncing their United States citizenship they should have to pay a fee that helps to the recoup the costs incurred by the country in protecting their rights and person as a US citizen and allowed them to profit economically. As a citizen they benefited from access to the best educational system in the word.

  • It is absurd

    You have to pay a bunch of money to give up your rights as a US citizen? That seems a bit absurd. It should be free with the exception of still having to pay any taxes incurred as an American citizen. The argument of making them pay a fee to recoup the costs of protecting the person's rights doesn't make sense in the light of this being more expensive for people who never renounce their citizenship. Yes people who never renounce their citizenship pay taxes but so did the person who renounced it up until the point they renounced it. They have paid for their protection and their rights already. Making them pay again has no basis.

  • No, renouncing your citizenship should not be expensive.

    During the Vietnam war many young people renounced their US citizenship. This was a difficult protest against a government that was waging unnecessary war against a country that had no bearing on America. Renouncing your US citizenship is fraught with risk, and those who are willing to take that risk should not have to pay extra to do so.

  • Renouncing of U.S. citizenship should not be expensive

    I believe that people who want to renounce their U.S. citizenship should not pay an expensive price for it. I don't think that these people came to this decision easily and they are probably already struggling within themselves whether they should do it or not. They already paid their due to the U.S. while paying their taxes and contributing to society while they were citizens.

  • Yes, renouncing your U.S. citizenship should be as expensive as it already is.

    On one hand, those who argue that renouncing your U.S. citizenship should not be so expensive seem to have a point: why should every individual, regardless of economic means, have to pay this huge fee? But these people have obviously not thought about the practical implications of enacting this request. Being a US citizen puts your name into the databases of so many different US government agencies, the average person probably has never even heard of half of them. Removing a name from those lists, and thereby denying the privileges that come with citizenship, takes a lot of time and effort, and someone has to be paid to go to such lengths, otherwise it simply wouldn't get done.

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