• Sure, why not?

    I do not agree with the Tea Party but I see no reason why Rep. Michele Bachmann should not run for office again as a Tea Party candidate. She fits their crazy beliefs and ideals perfectly. I seriously doubt she would ever have any real influence on the government, so why not let her run.

  • Independents and minorities don't like the tea party.

    The tea party is a far-right branch of the Republican party, and if you didn't learn your lesson in the 2012 election, then you're wasting your time. Lets sum it up: Moving farther to the right does not help you with minorities and independents. If you Republicans want to relevant on a national scale in the future, then you need to realize that independents are the ones who decide an election.

  • The tea party doesn't win.

    As great as the Tea Party is, and as wonderful their position is and enthusiasm for the country, it is very hard for Tea Party candidates to actually win elected office. Even the Republicans go to great lengths to shut down Tea Party candidates. It is ideal, but Tea Party candidates cannot win. Bachmann should not waste her time fighting a losing battle.

  • Rep. Michele Bachmann should not run for office again

    Rep. Michele Bachmann should not run for office again. Her strategy in persuading people to come together at Tea Party meetings was a complete failure and only damaged the reputation of Republicans more. More than that, the Tea Party was a joke in its essence. It damaged the reputabilty of many candidates and only seperated our country more.

  • A losing proposition

    Michelle Bachmann can run as a Republican and have a fighting chance with the Tea Party demographic, who are increasingly dwindling, or run as a Tea Party candidate and siphon votes from a more respectable, centrist Republican candidate and risk destroying the party further. There's no reason for her to take up a third party that has run its course as a passing fad.

  • No, because Michele Bachmann's reputation is too tarnished

    In my opinion, the fact that Michele Bachmann has decided not to run for reelection and has stayed out of the limelight is an indication that someone either has something on her and is blackmailing her to keep her out, or someone got too close to the truth and she is trying to keep her secrets buried. From what we learned about her and her husband in the last campaign, I believe there is much more to be uncovered if she ran again, and she may end up in jail instead of the congress.

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