• Yes, reporters should be allowed to attend trials in juvenile court.

    Yes, reporters should be allowed to attend trials in juvenile court. Reporters should be allowed into juvenile court because it's to the publics best interest to know who is a danger to their community. They should be able to report the criminals name and take a picture so we know who to look out for.

  • Yes, trials are the business of the people and should be reported.

    Courts operate under the authority of the citizenry. Therefore, whatever happens in a courtroom should be fair game to report to the public. We have a right to know what is done in our name. However, protections should still be made to keep private the identities of individuals involved in juvenile crime. Children shouldn't have their whole lives ruined because of bad decisions when they are young.

  • For some cases

    Not every single juvenile court case warrants a reporter there, but for the ones that do, sure. The fact of the matter is part of the juvenile judicial system is shaming kids into not doing things as stupid as what got them there in the first place again, if a reporter achieves that, no issue here.

  • Not if the record is sealed

    Juvenille cases, by definition, are not viewable by the public. Upon the age of majority, 18, the record is sealed, and cannot be seen or used except in rare cases, even by courts.
    So, unless you believe that a criminal act when you were 14 should be known to the world and considered public record, then, no, reporters should not be allowed in, just like they can't use their names.

  • No, I don't think reporters should be allowed to attend trials in juvenile court.

    I believe that a minor should have the right to have his identity protected, the minor will get his punishment for the crime that he/she committed and doesn't need their entire life ruined by a reporter reporting everything about them, I think reporters should only be allowed in a court room for adults.

  • No, they should not.

    Guilty or innocent, when a case is reported on, the accused sitting there with a somber face always winds up being painted as the most horrible person in the world. Keep all cases closed to the media. It always taints the proceedings and sometimes causes ridiculous, unnecessary and unwarranted upheaval.

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