Should representation in the U.S. Government be equal for each state?

  • All states are equal

    Every state should be equal. Event the smallest state shall have the same amount of votes as the larger states. This country is one unit and we should all hold the same amount of power/importance. Populations will vary, but each state has the same amount of rights for everything else, like making certain laws.

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  • The role of state sovereignty has greatly changed in the last 230 years.

    Under the Articles of Confederation (before the Constitution), States were more like sovereign nations agreeing to cooperate with each other. They were largely self-governing and primarily concerned with their own interests. This paradigm influenced the Framers to preserve state sovereignty by making the Senate the "greater" house and reserving powers to the states under the 10th Amendment.

    That was more than 200 years ago. The nation has been through a lot since then. Events such as the Civil War, As well as the rampant corruption leading to the 17th Amendment, Demonstrated that state sovereignty could have powerful drawbacks. At the same time, The world has been shrinking due to technological advancements and economic globalism. State sovereignty simply is not as important as it once was, And it ought to be sacrificed in favor of true democracy.

  • No, representation should not be equal for each state.

    Logically speaking, since the size of every state varies in population it wouldn't make sense to have equal representation. Some states might not need as much representation as other states. I believe it should be a weighted average based on the population quotient in that particular state or municipality in order to get fair representation.

  • Representation should be determined by population, not state

    Representation in the US government should be determined by the population of each state. Arbitrarily assigning a set number of representatives for each state is not fair, as states with low populations would have far greater representation per person than states with great populations. A fair way to assign it is per the population.

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