• God commanded people to Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, and to subdue it. We should multiply naturally without nasty mad-scientist birth control.

    Yes, having babies is natural. Not having babies is not natural. More and more people would be glad to live. Humans were designed to NOT use birth control, but most everybody wants to enjoy sex, hopefully only after having gotten married. People have reproductive organs. Humans are amazing and beautiful. Humans should reproduce. Naturally-large families should ever be encouraged.

  • I disagree with this.

    Reproduction as an expectation? Then if that's true, EXPECT abortion to go through the roof.

    Reproduction as a necessity? Get real. There's enough morons on this earth. Asking this question demonstrates that, doesn't it?

    The more people we bring onto this earth the more messed up itll be in the future.

  • I disagree: overpopulation.

    I believe that humans should not only live to reproduce as there are nearly eight billion of us alive. More humans mean more energy has to be used. Many places do not the proper conditions for raising children, such as third world countries, places where clean water isn't possible, etc.

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schachdame says2014-06-19T16:48:42.633
I have honestly NO idea what that is trying to tell me. Should we proudly engage in reproduction or should be enforce reproduction by generally expecting it from people instead and blame them if they fail to reproduce/ decide against it?