Should Republican lawmakers help Americans take advantage of Obamacare?

  • Yes they should.

    Republican lawmakers should help Americans take advantage of Obamacare. Even if the Republicans do not agree with Obamacare, it is their duty as public servants to help Americans any way possible. This is exactly why the government is becoming inefficient, one party will not help with something because they do not agree with it.

  • We're paying for it, we might as well utilize it

    We've already spend a mountain of cash on this project, and after all the opposition, lawmakers of all stripes should help Americans take advantage of the benefits. After all the attempts to repeal it, it's still the law of the land, and lawmakers should be making the best use of appropriated tax dollars for the program.

  • Yes, because all need healthcare.

    Republicans who stand in the way of Americans taking advantage of the affordable health care act are working against their own people and should be taken to task for that. It is the law of the land and needs to be supported by our legislators so that people have the best in benefits.

  • It's The Law

    Of course Republican lawmakers should help Americans take advantage of Obamacare. Obamacare requires all citizens to obtain insurance and they are penalized if they do not do so. If representatives do not help the people that voted them in, what favor are they doing in return, for their position. I think Republicans, and people in political positions, need to remember they're suppose to be working for the people.

  • Republican Lawmakes Should Help Americans Take Adavantage of Obamacare

    Yes, Republican lawmakers should help Americans take advantage of Obamacare because it is the duty of all lawmakers to serve the citizens. As such, Republican lawmakers should serve the citizens in taking advantage of the programs that Obamacare offers, even if those lawmakers do not agree with how they were implented.

  • I think they should help with certain aspects.

    I think that the legislation a whole may be flawed and have a number of issues that need to be fixed. However I think Republicans should help people who can be helped. It really is a tough one and I'm not sure what the best answer really would be because I am not sure of the outcomes.

  • What advantages are there?

    Upon reading the legislation, Obamacare is revealed to be an incompetent slurry of failure, graft, and poor coverage, on top of penalizing those who, for their own reasons, decline coverage, or more likely, have their own insurance already. It's a calculated assault on businesses, because now they have to make budget for something their employees are all too likely to turn down, given the choice.
    Then we have a charming thing known as clawbacks. A clawback is where the state is legally compelled to make their money back on Medicaid, usually through liens placed on the property of those who died after using the program for long-term care.
    It's also hilariously expensive and unsustainable. In short, Republican lawmakers should actively try to shut down Obamacare.

  • No, there's no reason for politicians to get involved now.

    Now that the Affordable Health Care Act has been passed, there's really no reason for individual lawmakers, including Republicans, to be further involved. The real issue now is making sure the website works and that people know that they must have insurance. If Congress did want to get involved, it would be helpful to send out a leaflet or brochure to each household, but this isn't likely to happen. So, I think now that it has passed, there's nothing really left for politicians to do, and I don't see a reason for Republicans to now turn around and support something they don't agree with.

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