• Say Good-bye Security

    You sad citizens realize that a majority of the United States' military and police forces are Republican, yes? When they have the alternative to defend a nation that consistently represents their political and social beliefs instead of constantly getting flouted, what makes you think they'll protect your homes? Watch as the Democratic States struggle with security issues, racial division, no patriotism, and a blatant lack of natural resources if the Red states rightfully exit the Union.

  • Yes and I'll Tell You Why.

    We will actually get to witness this Fox News version of "freedom" I've heard so much about but have never seen practiced. Rights without responsibilities will become a matter of policy rather than rhetoric. The altruistic quest for "Smaller Government" will end in an intrusive totalitarian state unseen since Nazi Germany. Intolerance will be unvarnished and encouraged. Education will be more of a joke than it already is. The Media will at last offer a truly "fair and balanced" choice of lies. Economic prosperity will be guaranteed to the "haves" in spite of environmental degradation because unregulated and corrupt Capitalism will control population and eliminate poverty through the government-sanctioned irresponsible abuse of firearms. Abortion will be illegal; why not wait a while and then kill them all off in another useless, politically-motivated war? Women will no longer be treated as second-class citizens; they will be treated as aliens. And aliens? Well, they'd better be Martians and they'd better have Little Green Cards. I can hardly wait. Don't forget your Confederate Flag on the way out.

  • Yes and No

    State have a right to secede if they feel the federal government no longer represents them. It is not likely that the will succeed if they attempt, and a second civil war is not in the foreseeable future. Just because the states have the right to secede does not mean it would be the best thing for the country, but they do have the right. They should attempt if that is what they want to do, but it will not happen.

  • No, come on now

    As much as I want to laugh at the "Republican States of America," it would be terrible for any states to secede from the nation.

    Most would be land locked by the United States anyhow and would put their people in great danger no longer being a part of the U.S.

    Some Republicans like to talk tough but none really would want to leave this country if they did they would have already moved away.

  • No

    No Republican states should not secede from the United States. I think this notion is completely ridiculous! This same thing happened when Obama was elected the first time. People that were mad about his being elected thought they could "break away" from his rule. It didn't work then and it certainly wont work now.

  • Good luck with that

    Frankly some of them I wish would try for the hilarity of them crawling back when they say "oh yeah, we don't have an economy now" but no, this is stupid as are any of the clowns that said they wanted to do it when Obama was re-elected. It's not feasible and would fail miserably.

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