• Republicans should repeal

    Republicans should continue to try to repeal the health care law because it is so harmful to freedom in America. It is also the right political move for them to make. The true conservative politicians are more likely to try and repeal the law more than the establishment republicans are.

  • the healthcare law

    I personally agree,That law was repealed a few months later by a Democratic Congress and a Republican president who had supported it just the year before. Everything old is new again. We are starting to hear in D.C. that today’s unpopular health-care law might be in real trouble, spelled with a capital T, as The Music Man would put it.

  • No, the law is necessary.

    While the healthcare law is not perfect, it does not need to be repealed. Instead, it needs to be reformed to be closer to universal health care that provides free basic care to everyone. Trying to repeal the current law will only set healthcare reform back many years and steps that would take a long time to fix.

  • No, they should find a more engaging issue

    The Republican party made a strong effort to avoid
    Obamacare, even going so far as to try to shut down the government. It failed
    at stopping the Affordable Care Act, and only succeeded in irritating the
    majority of the American people. The Republicans should give up on this issue,
    and move on to something with a better chance of engaging the electorate, such
    as taxes or Second Amendment rights.

  • No, do your job

    Okay, Republicans. You don't like Obama, we get it. Last I counted there were over three dozen votes taken to the floor to repeal the Affordable Care Act, each struck down and not a surprise to a single Republican that they were. They know this isn't going to happen every single time they try but they do it anyway because it beats exerting one ounce of effort into doing their jobs.

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