Should Republicans follow Rob Portman's lead on gay marriage?

  • Yes they should because it's common sense.

    The GOP needs to stop being a bunch of ridiculous simpletons and accept that gay marriage should be allowed. There is no evidence or logical reason to forbid the consensual marriage of two people who happen to be gay. Stop discriminating against gay people you silly politicians! There's no need!

  • Yes, as their base will become increasingly smaller if the continue to alienate people.

    As our nation changes and our culture changes with it, our politicians must do the same. The Republican mantra has typically been that the government should not interfere with the lives of the citizens. If one acknowledges this, one must then look at the sheer hypocrisy that preventing someone from marrying the person they love conflicts with that very viewpoint, how much more interference could something be? As their base becomes more insular from this line of thinking, they will need to evolve their views and understanding or risk being left in the dustbins of history.

  • If they want to be relevant, yes.

    I keep hearing about how Republicans are losing votes because their way of thinking is archaic. If that's the case, than they need to wise up. Love is love, get over it. I know many gay couples who have been together longer than straight couples. Look at the statistics on straight marriage. More than half end up in divorce. That's more of a war on marriage than gay people wanting to get married. How is it okay for celebrities to be married for a few hours or 72 days, yet gays can't marry who they truly love? To be honest, some Republicans should keep their mouths shut. Cheating on your wife while she's battling cancer isn't a good sign that you know what marriage is.

  • Yes Yes Yes. This is a great a powerful stance that more need to take.

    The Republican party is failing and alienating too many people. It is sad that we can't be understanding of people that are different than us. It is the reason the pilgrims came over and what really makes us shine when we open our minds and HEARTS to everyone. It is not a choice they are making, but WHO THE ARE. If the party as a whole started to make the shift to let people be who they are, I would be a lot more likely to vote and support the Republican party again.

  • The republicans should vote no on the homosexual question(s)

    It would be political suicide. Once the general population smartens up about the statistical nexus concerning serial killers,pedophiles and homosexuality in general it's resent surge in popularity will begin to wane. Moreover, the Republicans cannot afford to lose their Evangelical base which has eroded over the last few years. What Liberal Republicans either don't get or don't care about is that Christians in particular are not nearly as fiscally conservative as they are socially conservative so losing them from the party can actually gain votes for the opposition if they play down those social issue which is likely to happen within the next few decades with the growth of Hispanic demographic and cultural factors. Even if the Republican Party was to gain 100% of the gay and Jewish vote with socially liberal policies, between which is a significant population overlap it would not be enough to outweigh the loss of evangelical voters.

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