• Yes just yes

    The reason is simple. What good has Obama done for this county. He is the start to plummeting the U.S into what it was before we had this government. We used to have beautiful government but not people like Obama are gonna ruin what people so wonderfully made done and done

  • No, it's all showboating

    I believe Republicans need to accept the fact that Obama is the democratically elected leader, which means that most Americans agree with him and his policies. Suing just seems like being a sore loser, and would only serve the interests of a minority of American citizens. I believe they are just showboating.

  • It wont help them

    It won't help them with the 2k16 election by screaming that obama abused executive actions. Obama has signed about 183 actions with is 100 less than bush did. Their "cause" is a dead cause that it is not going to help it, it will backfire and hinder their future elections. It's a polarizing sh!Tfest in congress, I would expect more executive actions than Bush. Obama has had 147 orders the first term and only 35 this term so far and it's more than half way done. I doubt that he will exceed Bush's number and with that, it won't end will for the GOP to say Obama is abusing orders but never saying a word about Bush abusing it or any other president from Glover to Bush.

  • The chances of Republicans winning the senate this year

    Are already high. I don't think there will be a need to sue him if they win. Unfortunately, the damage Obama has done is done, but at least it's still not too late to take back. The shutdown really screwed Obama badly (and I'm glad), and managed to kill off some damage he could have done.

  • No, Republicans shall not follow through with their threat to sue Obama.

    The feud between the Republicans and Obama is one that should be ignored for America is in need of decisions such as the one Obama made and it can do less with all these things for these will only slow things down and amount to nothing at the end so no, the Republicans shall not follow through with their threat to sue Obama. Rather they should resolve the matter amongst themselves for it will save them time, money and any troubles in the future.

  • No the GOP should not be suing the President of the United States.

    If the GOP feels that President has violated federal law they should be taking actions in the Congress. The Constitution provides for the process of impeachment for any President that violates the law. What they will find is that they (and the Speaker) lack any legal standing to challenge Executive Orders in the federal courts.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    I think that this would end up exactly like how shutting down the government worked for them. I think the vast majority of voters would think that it's a huge waste of taxpayer money and time and I believe they would lose voters especially among the moderate. If they are smart, with an election just a few years away, they would stay away from it.

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