Should Republicans give up their fight against Planned Parenthood?

  • Amongst other things

    What the self righteous lightbulb to the right is missing is that a rape child won't get treated with the care that a child conceived from consensual sex would. It's not "selfish", it's a painful reminder that only a callous moron would present like the person living with it should just shut their mouth and get past like it's that simple. This is one of countless topics the GOP is living in an alternate universe and their influence will continue to dwindle until they accept what century it is.

  • They do a lot more than birth control.

    They need to quit trying to destroy Planned Parenthood immediately. They are only attacking it because their religious beliefs dictate that an abortion is murder, no matter if it is to save a life of the mother or because of a rape. ALSO, they do a whole heck of a lot more for women, like cancer screenings, to prevent women from getting sicker and burdening the health care system further. No federal dollars go toward abortions and people need to stop going on FOX News and claiming that they do.

  • Yes, I feel Republicans should give up their fight against Planned Parenthood. I feel they provide a great public service.

    Having access to cheap and free medical services to fight STD's, be made aware of STD's you have, and access multiple forms of birth control help reduce the costs to the government. By allowing someone the chance to test for STD's you can greatly reduce the chance of them spreading further. Providing contraception can also reduce costs to the government in reduced forms of welfare and child care for someone who might not have had a child had contraception been available. Sex will still happen, making it safe is the key to reducing costs, not eliminating programs that help people.

  • American women have rights!

    I believe that Republicans should give up the fight because it goes against what they supposedly stand for. They say they are for America and are proud to be Americans and want to protect it. America is the land of the free where everyone has more rights than any other country and women here have so many more rights than others around the world. If Republicans are standing for America then they should be supporting our rights, like abortion and birth control. The Republicans in Washington D.C need to remember that they are not only dealing with the strong women protesting in the city but fighting with the strong women all over our country.

  • Eugenics is evil

    Margaret Sanger who founded planned parenthood wrote about a klu klux klan meeting that she attended in silver lake Nee Jersey on page 366 or her autobiography. Their fist president lothrop stoddard had a personal meeting with hitler. In the 1970s their president wrote in a newspaper that the Iowa state eugenics board wasn't doing enough forced sterilizations. Maafa 21 is a documentary explaining all this and it has the sources. We need to fight eugenics and murderer. We must save the un born babies who are being dismembered every day.

  • This is a decietfull headline

    No, because there is no fight by Republicans against planned parenthood as an organization that stands by itself. The fight is against them getting government $$$ to support political candidates, lobby, and promote and provide abortions.
    Simple. We have many people divided on this subject on very moral lines. Well, wouldn't it help bring our country together if we didn't take the tax $$ of the 50% who are against it and use it to pay for organizations who provide it, lobby for it, and profit from it????

  • Abortion is murder.

    You make a mistake? Your fault, your kid, that kid has a future and you just kill it and it has no chance. You get raped? Not your fault, that kid has a future and you just kill it because why? It's painful memory? Selfish! That is a life you are taking away. You don't have that right! You don't have the right to choose if that baby dies or lives. It is a person, treat it like one.

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Dilara says2015-04-04T19:55:40.717
Pro choice people always claim that pro life people are pushing our morals on them when we make anti abortion laws. But when pro choice people force pro life people to pay for abortions with their tax money aren't they pushing their pro choice views on us? If you got pregnant accidentally it's your responsibly. Not mine. I didn't force you to make love to your married boss. Forcing someone to pay for what they consider to murderer, did in the passed and regret, survived or have religious beliefs against is cruel and unusable punishment. The us government gives planned parenthood 300 million dollars a year of tax layer money. This has to end