Should Republicans stop talking about Roe v. Wade?

  • YES

    Republicans really need to get over the whole Roe versus Wade thing and move on to something more important. They're rapidly losing their ability to compete because they keep harping on issues like that in a society that's growing more and more supportive of it.

    Besides, I don't get why they keep up fighting it. Abortion didn't magically start happening after that ruling. Abortions have been happening for centuries, probably since the dawn of mankind. It's just that women used to have to use clothes hangars or herbs to induce them.

    Abortion didn't originate with Roe versus Wade, it just came into the light of day and was made less dangerous for the woman involved. They just need to stop harping about it like overturning that ruling is magically going to make abortion go away.

  • Republicans Should Stop Talking about Roe v. Wade

    Republicans certainly need to stop talking about Roe v Wade. Enough is enough. We've heard it all and we need to move along. Any topic becomes the same ole song and dance after awhile. The Republicans need to take not of that and get onto other issues at hand. Many are tired of hearing it all.

  • Yes, Republicans need to stop fighting against women's rights

    The issue behind Roe v Wade is a private matter between a women and her doctor. This private matter should not be a major issue on the Republican platform. Taking on this position publicly presents Republican leaders as out-of-touch from female voters. There are more pressing issues that the Republican leadership should focus on such as the economy and job creation.

  • No one ever votes for a kill joy.

    I know this sounds like a child's argument, but I'm keeping. Voters will rather vote what befits their selfish needs, rather than let a collection of self righteous old men tell them how to live their lives. To truly have the republicans win, they will need to seem as freedom loving as possible, even if that means disqualifying the freedoms of people the selfish don't care for (fetal parasites).

  • Yes, it is a buttoned-up deal.

    Republicans should for sure stop talking about Roe v. Wade because when they don't, they sound like people who are simply unwilling to accept a legal outcome, and they sound hateful and argumentative and misogynistic. The case was decided. It is history. To keep harping on it is a waste of time and energy that could be put to productive use. They need to get over the fact that they don't control women's bodies.

  • I'm not so sure

    I think pushing to overturn Roe v Wade or some other method of making all abortion illegal is not a good use of time, energy or money. However, to minimize the importance and obvious tragedy that the buzzword "choice" has created is to turn our backs on those that do not have a voice. I think abortion is way over utilized and justified under the umbrella of a woman's body. Well, unfortunately and unavoidable is the fact that once you are pregnant, it is no longer only "your" body. There are essentially two "bodies" within the same overall location. Abortion has become minimized to a method of birth control for far too many. If you look at the statistics, the large majority of abortions are due to inconvenience, not a real sense of necessity. Something should be done. Of course "what?" is not so simple. I just think "personal choice" is a poor poor excuse to eliminate those that have no choice in the matter.

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