Should Republicans stop trying to defund Obamacare?

  • It Is The Law of The Land!

    The moment that Obamacare passed & the President signed it, it became the law of the land. End of story. As elected public servants, their job was to see that it WAS funded. Instead, they took it to the Supreme Court. What happened? They lost. Even a GOP-selected Chief Justice told them that their fight was baseless. Again, their job should have been TO fund Obamacare (like it or not) because it was the law of the land. Now, they've chosen to try this defunding idea. If Americans, regardless of their profession, acted as incompetently as the GOP has on this issue ... They WOULD be unemployed!

    I was a Reagan-Republican. He was the first President to earn my vote. I have, over the years, voted for more Republicans than Democrats. But today's GOP really disturbs me. They no longer show an interest in the Middle Class. They claim to be Christians, but show no compassion for the poor. They had no problem with Reagan raising the debt ceiling 18 times, in 8 years; or George W. Bush raising it 7 times. But heaven forbid that Obama suggest the idea! That doesn't even make sense! They all posed for a photo op, while reading the Constitution, yet they fail to understand the document. Their actions aren't patriotic. They are closer to anarchists than true patriots. If you love America, you don't attempt a default (2011)! I am convinced that Reagan, who they all attempt to connect themselves to when campaigning, could NOT be a member of today's GOP. That's the really sad part. The man who lifted them out of the ashes of Watergate would NOT be good enough to sit at their table. And the average American ... Appears to be even less welcome!

  • Republicans should Stop Trying to Defund Obamacare

    Obamacare is a law. The Republicans should stop trying to defund something that is a law and is needed. Maybe they should try to do something altogether new. Like try to work with President Obama. Try to get along in the big political sandbox we call Washington DC. They seem to think they are above the President, above the people of the USA, and above the needs of the country. They keep tilting at windmills. Which is ok. It just continues to invalidate them as a viable political party.

  • If the last forty times didnt work what the f*** makes you think the forty-first try will succeed?

    Like seriously, Republicans must be completely retarded at this point to think they can defund Obamacare. If the last 40-something tries to defund it/kill it didnt work, then you muts be beyond retarded to think another attempt will end differently....

    Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results..... Well if thats insanity, then doing the same thing FORTY times and expecting something different must make that person super-ultra-mega retarded, which I think is a fitting description of Republican Congressmen at this point.

    If you think it should be defunded, then thats fine, and you have the right to think that. But the battle is lost and you just need to accept it. Youve tried more then 3 dozen times to end it and it didnt work, so you might as well man up and move on already.

    If Republicans keep trying to repeal/defund Obamacare, then theyre going to be caught with their d**k in their hands in the next presidential election, and will probably blow that one too by electing some incompetent moron to represent them.

  • Yes they should.

    Medical care in America is a joke. If you can get stuck with a $200,000 bill just for seeking medical care, then there is a problem. The rights of human beings should come before the rights of companies to turn a profit. This is what people mean when they say, "People before profits!"

  • Let them taste their own Medicine

    Republicans should take a step back and look at the facts; first of all we will never be able to pass the bill through Senate and secondly we should pass a bill that would increase funding for Obamacare. Once people realize that Obamacare is just a giant waste of money and that it will drive our already tremendous debt through the roof. People will think twice about electing democratic officials to office! Also if the government was to shut down it would cripple the United States and hurt many of the people who are using it for financial aid

  • A Friendly Reminder That Defunding Obamacare Won’t Stop the Law http://www.Nationaljournal.Com/daily/a-friendly-reminder-that-defunding-obamacare-won-t-stop-the-law-20130917

    Everyone that thinks that the Republicans can stop the funding of the Affordable Care Act, which is erroneously called Obamacare, is not dealing with a full deck.

    The only hope is repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, which would require a 2/3 majority vote in both the House and the Senate, which is never going to happen.

    With Capitol Hill wrapped up in a debate this week regarding looming fiscal fights and the possibility of a shutdown over the health care law, it’s worth remembering that shutting down the government would likely have little impact on the Affordable Care Act. According to a Congressional Research Service report released at the end of July, much of the law’s implementation is separate from annual discretionary appropriations.
    The CRS report was issued at the request of Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who has not been shy about his opposition to the shutdown strategy. “[A government shutdown] would be committing ritual suicide on an altar of bad strategy,” Coburn’s communications director, John Hart, told National Journal Daily. “The idea that we can fully defund Obamacare through the continuing resolution is a Washington gimmick to advance political funding goals.”
    The report substantiates the argument that a shutdown would not be an effective tool to stop the law.

    In fact, a government shutdown is quite different from the way it is commonly viewed by the public. Although the lapse in discretionary budget authority would likely impact some day-to-day routine operations of the government—such as the National Park Service—essential and necessary functions of the government and ones that have relevant health-based concerns would continue. Social Security and Medicare would likely continue in large part because they are mandatory programs; health reform under the ACA would also be considered essential for public health and would largely continue to be funded.
    “Funding for state-operated insurance exchanges [in the ACA] is a distinct mandatory funding source,” Center for Budget and Policy Priorities Senior Fellow Paul Van de Water said. “In the case of all the federal government’s direct activities—including funding for federally run exchanges—it looks like the bulk of it could continue with no obvious end in sight if there were a shutdown.” Although some smaller effects are possible, this means that the main elements of the law would continue for some time, including the insurance exchanges, subsidies, and the individual mandate.

    I can' wait until 2014 when the House of Representatives will be run by Democrats and in 2016 when Hillary Clinton will be the first woman President of the USA. Then maybe we will just pass Universal Health Care to replace the Affordable Care Act. And, the minimum wage will be $18 per hour.

    All right wing Republicans like Ted Cruz are full of BS; he is a total AH, like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Ron Paul. All these folks are trying to destroy America for the majority. The working class and poor. They want an America where only the wealthy are protected and get all the benefits.

  • Republicans should just stop trying.

    With Republicans' debate on health care, it sounds like they do not want anyone to have access to health care at all. Health ought to be available for every person; not just people with money or people who are "entitled" to quality health care. Republicans need to look at the American Healthcare Act and find the ways that it can work for them. Don't defund it.

  • Involuntary social institution

    All involuntary interaction is immoral, Obamacare is immoral because it places requirements on individuals who have not consented to be constrained.

    Until such time as all contributors to Obamacare funding have explicitly consented to such contribution without duress Obamacare is an immoral institution.

    Attempts to defund Obamacare are best described as returning stolen property. There is no justification for imposing fines based on the moral actions of individuals, such as choosing an insurance policy other than Obamacare or none at all.

  • It doesn't matter whether its right or wrong.

    Look, regardless of whether or not you believe in Obamacare, if there is a law that you feel is unjust, then you should fight it. You should fight it to the ends of the earth. I believe in obamacare, and I fully support it.

    I will now waste several words.

  • Obama Care needs fixing

    The way that Obama Care is structured is in a way where the high class will bear the burden of the low class. For example, John Maxwell is a low income teenager from California, he does incredibly well in school and gets into Stanford University, after he majors in Aerospace Engineering and becomes a high class earner with a Engineering Average Salary of 70k.

    Devaughn Brown is a low income teenager from Brownsville, Brooklyn NY. He does poorly in school, flushes out becomes a drug addict, and alcoholic with a severe case of Hepatitis B due to the heavy drinking. Gets a job at a Deli Grocery making around 25K in a year.

    Why should it be that John hard earned money will go into Mr. Brown Health care and rehabilitation? Mr. Brown did his mistakes he deserves a second chance to become something greater than himself I understand that.

    Why is it, however that this second chance has to come from someone who saw through those mistakes just in enough time to prevent those from happening and achieve his dreams? Is it Johns fault that Mr. Brown decided to not do his work when he was told? Why should someone else hold the burden from someone else mistake?

    Health is a RIGHT, but this right should not come from those who proved more worthy than those who failed miserably in life and are looking for redemption

    "We aint't Communist, and this ain't Russia"

  • Why should I have to pay for others mistakes?

    So, the argument for "Obamacare" is that healthcare is a RIGHT not at privilege. I don't mean to sound very conservative but, please point out in the bill of rights, constitution, or any document made by or founding fathers that say it is a right. Good luck with that. So here is an example. Mike a non-smoking businessman makes 500k a year. Janice is a person who smokes is jobless, homeless, and has cancer. So, Mike should have to pay for Janice's poor choices? No. If you were to murder someone(not saying you will) should every one in America spend 30 minutes in jail because you made a poor choice? I think not. -J

  • Its tearing some companies apart

    The obamacare is trying to force Hobby Lobby (A major mormon/christian organization) to fund and give its employees medication like "the morning after" pill, a pill that prevents the fertilization eggs from being planted in the womb. Hobby Lobby of course going against this for it violates their beliefs AND is basically abortion for them.

    Due to this Hobby Lobby is being fined 1.3 million unless they comply to the obamacare's rules. The obamacare should not be allowed to make this a forced part of their care especially for mormon and christian companies.

  • Defund Obamacare Now, End Social Security, End Medicare, End Medicaid, End The FDA

    Social Security does not work. It costs $5,000 to pay the max benefit of $600 per month to recipients.
    Medicare does not work. It costs $8,000 to pay out $2,000~ in benefits.
    Medicaid does not work. It costs $7,200 to pay out $1,800 in benefits.
    The FDA forces these costs upward.
    We know that these systems cause debt which affects the working class which is greater than the benefit rendered to them.
    Why would we create another system of assistance when the systems that we currently have do not work?
    Defund Obamacare.

  • Why does it need funding?

    I wonder if any low information voters will ask why Obamacare requires funding? Obamacare is basically like falling for those scams where somebody from Somalia sends you an email saying you've inherited $1M but you need to wire $1K to cover shipping and handling.

    So, Obamacare is going to make healthcare more affordable, but we need to raise your taxes so you'll spend less money. What could go wrong with that?

  • Down with Obamacare!

    No way this bill is scary. I don't want nothing this government wants to give me nowadays, the oppression especially. Obamacare seeks to pull us into a web of all sorts of strange laws and make us more dependent on him, the government who we need to be FAR less dependent upon. Just read page 1001 of the bill, do the research and explain it to me in a way that I can be convinced me and my family need a chip.

  • Don't support it

    I gave Obamacare a read. I had to read more into it to get an opinion. Obamacare steals money from people. Then it overpays for for everyone that makes below a certain amount to have "free health care". It also forces companies to have to overpay for health insurance for all their full time employees, resulting in higher prices and people getting reduced hours. People like to see health care as a right. Well, my right to free speech does not impose a cost on someone else.

  • Health Care and Republicans

    People need to get a job. We need some heath care reform but Obama care is not it. Not sure why the people can't see the bad in this direction. I can only hope people wake up before it's too late. We live in a country where it's all about what can be done for ones self. What a joke...

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