Should Republicans stop trying to defund Planned Parenthood?

  • Yes. It does not help their case with the majority.

    It seems as though the majority of voters support Planned Parenthood as well as access to safe and legal abortions for those who choose it. Many people use the other services the organization provides, and it contributes positively to preventive care and general health outside of the abortions they perform. It would be wise to stop trying to defund the organization (same with PBS and NPR) and focus on real budget battles over larger amounts.

  • Yes, they do a lot of good work.

    Planned Parenthood offers lost cost OB/GYN services to women. Without them, many more women would either be on state insurance, or would be going without care completely. If the objection is abortions, people need to realize that is only a tiny part of what they do. Most of their work is preventative care and education, which we desperately need in this country!

  • No they shouldn't

    Every single program that exists should be under scrutiny for defunding. Why shouldn't the GOP try to defund Planned Parenthood, as it is certainly not beyond reproach? Without getting into the reasons for everyone's opinion, much of their constituency wants this to happen. Shouldn't the GOP be accountable to their backers?

  • No they shouldn't.

    Planned Parenthood, which provides health services to women and birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies, is a program proven to save more money than it costs. Which makes it one of very many proven non-profit government services that work fantastically.

    The current neo-liberal stance of the GOP means that successful government programs are the absolute biggest threat to their ideology. They have to do everything possible to deconstruct government that works, and they should continue with the "Planned Parenthood funds abortion" myth to continue to try to do so.

    Without this boogeyman, they'd mostly just be guys trying to end Medicare and give that money to millionaires. And you can't win elections off of that.

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