Should Republicans stop using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip?

  • Yes they should stop using it as a bargaining chip.

    The Republicans should definitely stop using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip as it pertains to all of us as citizens, even to them. They are harming the U.S. by dangling it around in front of democrats and basically saying if you want this you must raise that. They should be more focused on fixing the debt ceiling instead of trying to raise it.

  • Debt Ceiling is not a bargaining chip

    The debt ceiling has been raised several times over the course of our country without much fanfare and political aggressiveness. Several economists even believe that the debt ceiling should not exist at all because it is an arbitrary line and debt is already determined in the budget that congress agrees to. The political tactic of using the debt ceiling in order to get unrelated legislative concessions is wrong and unsafe for the economic future of the country.

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