• Live and Let Live

    I am a Christian. I go to church on Sundays and pray like God's my buddy. I read the Bible every night before I go to bed. Does this allow me to judge people? No, it does the exact opposite. I have read a lot more in the Bible about not judging others and loving everyone than anything about homosexuality. A lot of Republicans are Christians and use it as an excuse to be homophobic. That is just disgusting. I think it should be something people have to get over even if it makes them uncomfortable. It is not their life, so they cannot decide how it is lived. Combat some of the world's real issues and leave innocent gay people alone.

  • Yes, everyone should support equality.

    Gay marriage is about equal rights for homosexuals when it comes to marriage. Most Republicans would agree that homosexuals deserve the rights and responsibilities that come with citizenship. Allowing gay couples to marry is one such right. It is not a controversial idea to give civil rights to homosexual people.

  • Everyone should support gay marriage.

    If top level Republicans came out in support of gay marriage then they would unite people across the party line. In one fell swoop they could stop this entire gay marriage debate. The only reason people are against gay marriage is because they are told to be by political pundits.

  • Gay marriage is happening regardless if it supported by Republicans

    Yes, I think that Republicans and everyone else should stop trying to control others people's personal lives. One should be able to choose whom they will marry regardless of the sex of the individuals. Republicans can continue to fight if they so choose, but I think they are fighting a no-win battle that will cost them in the elections.

  • Everyone Should Support Gay Marriage

    I believe Republicans should support gay marriage because if everyone doesn't we are yet again making statements that somehow, some people are not equal to others. I think we have made too many advancements as a society to till be stuck in these bigoted views. I believe it is important to extend equal rights to all people.

  • Yes, they should

    From a stance of legal rights, not supporting gay marriage is stating that gays are inferior people. There's no way around it, you can cite whatever beliefs you'd like, if you think gays should not be given the rights of a married couple you are sayig they are lesser beings. Feel free to join the century whenever you're ready, GOP

  • Yes, there is no reason not to.

    Marriage has been redefined time and time again. There is no reason why we should not grant the lesbian and gay community equal rights. Polls consistently show that the majority support gay marriage and that younger people are becoming more tolerant of the gay community. It is time the Republicans get with the times and allow anyone and everyone the freedom to marry who they want.

  • Gay marriage is not a Democrat/Republican thing.

    I support gay marriage and I label myself a Republican. I know a lot of Democrats that do not support gay marriage. Gay marriage should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. It is more about personal belief systems and should not involve politics in any way other than a possible issue on the election ballot.

  • They should support and equal status legal provision though.

    I don't support state marriage gay or straight. I believe that is the problem with much of this argument is the states involvement in personal affairs such as this. I think that marriage is the vows and ceremony whatever religion or belief system you are. I think the legal union regardless of weather man and wife, two old widows who live together and want to share the health insurance, inheritance ext as they are non sexual partners, or same sex couples we should not question what goes on behind the bedroom doors and should not be the governments business. Make it a legal union license for straight, gay, or even abstinent partners and make sure it does not trample on the opinions of the opposite side either. For example churches, private ceremonies and businesses should not be forced to perform the ceremonies or recognize them (except of course hospitals and insurance ext..) and also non profit religious based adoption agencies should not be forced to arrange adoptions that violate the scope of their religious beliefs.

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