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  • They are a public club

    Just like the Democrats can't sue Rush Limbaugh for his constant attacks against there ideology the Republicans can't and shouldn't sue Michael Moore for his opinions. Besides freedom of speech is one of the defining traits of the United States constitutional amendments. Just because you don't like what some one says does not give you the right to sue them. Also it is a public group there is no reason t expect different treatment from rival political organizations.

  • Republicans should not take Michael Moore to civil court

    It is my opinion that Republicans should not try filmmaker Michael Moore in civil court on charges of libel or slander because he is expressing his right to free speech through the medium of his films. He is not slandering anyone, or making false claims. He is simply getting people to question events that are presented as fact.

  • That would be entertaining for us, but a disaster for the GOP.

    I would love to see Republicans try that in an American court. Discovery is a two-way street, and Moore would be wiping up both directions of that street with even more Republican scandals. The last thing any sane Republican (are there any?) would want to do is go somewhere they'd have to tell the truth. Like on a witness stand in court.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Republicans should try Michael Moore in civil court on charges of libel or slander. Michael Moore is a documentary filmmaker who tends to lean toward the Democrats or a liberal standpoint. He is operating under what should be considered his rights to freedom of speech. I think if the Republicans brought him up on charges in civil court they would see even more backlash from the American public.

  • No, he is using free speech.

    No, Michael Moore should not be put on trial. He is using free speech and expressing his opinions. He also has evidence to back up the things he says that aren't expressed as opinions. There is no difference in what he does and the things that are said by people that are anti-liberal.

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