• Tea Party Must Go

    Mainstream Republicans aren't the problem. It's the Tea Party that's causing a ruckus in the House and Senate. People like Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas have held up legislation and voted against proposals simply because they don't like them even though everyone else in the GOP did.

  • Two major political parties' complete disagreement can cause anarchy.

    Republicans their own way of ruling the social, Democrats have their own as well. Almost every single mature thought can suggest that there should be a big disagreement between these two main political parties to rule the country. Some times Democrats pass a law that doesn't fit in Republicans idea, and some times the other way around. There fore, as a result of this disagreement each political party that tries to move his idea a head can cause madness for the other party. And that is the time that the other party starts to advertise, doing different activities which is against the other party, and so on...
    If I want to draw this situation on a diagram I would come up with a big fluctuation that differentiates each party's ideas in a format of a diagram. For this reason I believe that these two political parties should have some consensus together to avoid having big problems which will lead the social to anarchism.

  • Pass something, not nothing

    The Republicans are not learning from the best compromiser in the business = Bill Clinton. Even though Bill Clinton had some tarnishes that he left on other people's clothing, he was great at getting bills to pass and stuff. The Repubs should learn from this strength and compromise in a few ways.

  • We all have to get along

    Yes, I believe that Republicans and Democrats should come to some kind of consensus with each other. We all live in the same country and are part of the same team and should live and work as such. Whomever is in charge still has to answer to others so we might as well work together.

  • No, the conflict brings balance to politics.

    While Republicans and Democrats both need to work together to reach a consensus on various issues, it's also good to have a government that works in such a way that there is no extreme bias. Politicians, of course, are biased, but when there are politicians on both ends of the political spectrum, laws that are highly biased are less likely to pass. So it's good to have a bit of a debate going on in politics, so that what happens is more middle-of-the-road and moderate. Nothing too extreme can typically take place.

  • Why not the other way around?

    The common theme right now seems to be that the left proposes things so outlandishly leftist and progressive that very few will agree to, then tells the right that a "compromise" must be made, Progressives have played game like these for years, stripping away at the shores of freedom and liberty like waves, taking their strides an inch at a time. There are some who are standing up for conservative values, refusing to "compromise" when it moves us further away from conservative values, and they are being branded as "obstructionists". Yet when democrats sat down and pouted on the house floor, no such claims were made. What we see now is not compromise; it is simply one side constantly giving in to another. I support people standing upon their principled beliefs, not in appeasing another side. Politics are a game of inches; this fact progressives know very well. It's time conservatives started clawing back our liberties in the same way progressives clawed them away.

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