Should research into the genetic origins of homosexuality be banned?

  • Homosexuality Is a Choice

    Homosexuality isn't a genetic disease that needs to be fixed. You can't help who you fall in love with. Homosexuality is a choice, a feeling and a way to be happy. No one needs to tinker, poke or prod a gay person to find out why he or she is that way. Social factors should be studied instead.

  • Yes, this research could lead to dangerous next steps

    At the most basic level, researching the genetic origins of homosexuality sounds reasonable. We should alway encourage scientific discoveries and advancement of all kinds, but there is another side to this question. If a genetic "code" could be found that was had something to do with homosexuality, it is possible that parents could ask for this test to identify this code and it is very possible that pregnancies could be terminated as a result of the test results. This would be a horrible thing for society if people decided to use these discoveries for eugenics purposes.

    Posted by: Meg9
  • No, just no.

    If we are ever going to but the idea that it is a choice to bed once and for all then we need to discover what makes some people homosexual. To clarify IT IS NOT A CHOICE. Not one picks to be straight therefore no one picks to be gay. They just don't.
    Also the whole "slippy-slope" argument doesn't work here because I doubt any Doctor any where in the world would abort a child because of it's sexual orientation cause well that is a stupid idea, really stupid idea. Eugenics is banned under the Geneva convention and any doctor who did it and was found to have done it wouldn't do it again because it would be bye-bye medical license. It's research simple as that.

    Posted by: NSW
  • We should figure out how this works

    The homosexual movement should have no problem proving being gay is genetically caused. Wouldn't that confirm their whole 'born this way' shill? This is a relevant scientific endeavor and gay activists should not be stopping progress. Discovering the cause would help both sides - people who don't want to be gay might be able to change it or vice versa. At the very least we would have a greater understanding of this rather than just political rhetoric.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Might as well find out the truth

    Some people think that homosexuality is a choice. Others think that it's an inherent, inborn thing. We might as well at least find out who is right. I don't think homosexuals should be denied rights either way, but it seems like good science to at least determine the cause. On the other hand, if a gene is found, trying to "fix" homosexuals should be subject to much more scrutiny, and I could see a reasonable case for banning that.

  • No I don't think research into the genetic origins of homosexuality should be banned

    I don't see any reason why this research should not be allowed to happen. In fact it may shut up some people from the religious right when they claim it is a choice to be gay or lesbian. So from that standpoint research can be beneficial, so as to get rid of stereotypes against them. Given that, I don't think it research should be banned at all, I see no problem with it being done. As long as it's not used to judge or demonize, let them research it all they want.

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