Should research of genetically engineering humans begin/accelerate?

Asked by: Shines
  • It's the future!

    We definitely should start genetically engineering humans. It should be our goal to expand our knowledge, strength, and speed. The things we will be able to do, the wonders we can discover. Imagine, a world free of disease and dis abilities. Imagine the things we could do, like maybe even establish a human hive mind, where all information is shared between all people, instantly, we could know everything that is happening at any given point on the earth, wars would be unwinnable and unnecessary, crime would be non existent, corruption would be impossible. Maybe we will even unlock the rest of our brains, ushering in an era of technological advancement that would dwarf any other in all of history.

  • Genetically Engineering people is our leap forward

    Humans have long stopped evolving through natural selection. We have used our developed minds to change our environment instead of changing ourselves to fit our environment. That was a good things, it allow our specie to grow and expand - we have learnt a lot and make a great deal of progress. We need to keep going, expanding our capabilities and powers, reaching for the stars and study the universe. The world is too big for humans in their current form, but we can make ourselves stronger, smarter, better.
    We must evolve.

  • Research of genetically engineering humans should not begin or accelerate

    Research of genetically engineering humans should not begin or accelerate as the funding for this should go to researching cures for common diseases and genetic disorders. There are many things science could help with if they only were motivated by more then money and prestige. The funding of genetic engineering with humans as the result is sending science down a very dark path with many ethical questions in a very unethical atmosphere.

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