Should residents be notified if a convicted child molester is living in their neighborhood?

  • Yes they should be notified.

    Why would you not law enforcement not want to protect the citizens of their jurisdiction by any means possible? If they have the knowledge of such an instance, then they have the responsibility as law enforcement to divulge such information to those who have a chance of potential danger. This doesn't mean that the convicted molester will relapse in crime again, but it would still be ample precautionary actions.

  • Sex Offender Lists Exist for Reason

    Sex offender lists are made public for a reason, and residents should be notified by the state when a convicted child molester moves into the neighborhood. The state exists to protect its weakest citizens, and children should be protected from possible harm when a convicted child molester relocates next door. Parents can check the sex offender list themselves, but it helps if the state could mail notices to neighbors when someone untoward moves to town.

  • Wake up people!

    DUI registry? No
    Domestic Violence registry? No
    Murder registry? No
    Bad Parenting registry? No
    Crooked Politician registry? No
    Crooked Police registry? No
    By all means ANY crime deserves justice however why is there a need to punish people twice for the same crime? Ok America lets even the planfield, put my ancestors slave masters family on the registry so I can find them. This is PURE slavery to me!

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