Should Restaurants be Throwing Leftover Food Away?

Asked by: Dioscorides
  • I think it would be unhygienic to do otherwise.

    Restaurants should not be keeping leftover food. I think this is so because if they keep leftover food, who knows what the last people would have done with it? They could have wiped their snot on it, for all we know! It would be very unhygienic, and it would be a smart move to keep on getting rid of leftover food.

  • Gross Gross Gross

    I mean if the restaurant doesn't know how to preserve food then they should just throw it away. It would become no use. I mean McDonald's uses their chicken patties to make chicken nuggets. But that is in the same day and not overnight. So if they just know how to not get people sick, so for saving but other than that yes THROW IT AWAY!

  • Donating is good

    Starving homeless people need food to survive. The food quality won't matter to them. All they need is food and water to survive. Homeless shelters rely on food to feed homeless people. Donating food is better then dumping it. I donated food to these people and felt happy that they can live.

  • Saving food; Saving Lives

    I do not think restaurants should be throwing away leftover food because 40% of food in the United States is never eaten. Also, food waste is a huge problem. If restaurants give the hungry leftover food, they can help stop this major problem. Leftover food should feed people not dumpers.

  • Food is fuel

    They should definitely not throw it out. If it's still good, it should be donated to people who are hungry and poor. If it's stale, there must be a way to convert it to energy for electricity of cars. It's already being done and maybe it will be done more.

  • Restaurants are careless

    There are need for trees on this planet.Restaurants themselves have taken part in some movements but they are neglecting the biggest contribution towards it.The food can be converted into compost and fertile matter.Also they can lessen the serving size so that people don't waste.In fact they should also put a fine on wasting food

  • Use it better

    I am not arguing that a restaurant should resell their leftovers, but there are homeless shelters and people in need of food, and restaurants throw away so much food per year that could go to people who don't care if its been in the refrigerator for a day. Its wasteful and people would eat it.

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