Should restaurants get rid of the tipping system?

  • Tipping is almost criminal

    To start, I have been a server. Though the experience was challenging I still come to the same conclusion that tipping is a nearly criminal system. The main problem being the reliance of the customer to directly affect the income of an employee. Paying someone a lower than minimum wage while nearly forcing them to pay extra out of pocket is ridiculous. Let alone the amount of threats and poor treatment by the workers themselves towards customers that do not give into this ridiculous culture. The funniest part of all of this is the amount of greed shown when tipped workers are going to have a set minimum wage. There is an up roar because the new minimum wage is purposed because all of them are making way more per hour than that. They argue how little they make when tip wage is in place and complain about possibly making less when minimum wage is set much higher. It is a truly embarrassing American tradition, But there is no need to feel bad for anyone because they have themselves to blame for still being in the situation.

  • They Deserve Fair Pay

    Workers make sub-minimum wage which is possible because of tipping while owners and management make millions in profit. There is not a shortage of money to go around; it is simply going to the top. Tipping makes sense at small mom and pop spots but not at global food chains

  • The customer shouldn't be required to tip

    We as a customer should not be socially required to tip without having our food getting spat on the next time we come in because we didn't pay more than we owe the restaurant. Since everyone essentially has to tip were basically paying the servers for the restaurant! This is a sleazy way of getting around paying the servers. Tipping should be optional, It is not our responsibility to pay their workers. Even if food prices raise because of this that is fair. Servers need to earn at least minimum wage because that is the law. Servers should make a steady income and be tipped for excellent service not just for pity because they don't make enough money. We shouldn't tip because servers don't make enough money. Servers don't make enough money BECAUSE we tip.

  • Yes, they should.

    Restaurants should definitely get rid of the tipping system. Just the same way as the minimum wage needs to be raised. Everyone should be able to make a living wage, no matter where they are working, as long as they are working. The tipping system and minimum wage often fails here.

  • Supplementing income No benefits No pensions

    Tipping is what supplements a waitresses income to pay for lack of pension lack of benefits many waitresses on a minimum wage still need that money . For many servers tips are how they make ends meet. They work hard for tips, what is the reason to not tip for good service

  • No, I believe the tipping system promotes a fair wage for waiters/waitresses.

    Serving is an incredibly difficult job and one that not many people would do for minimum wage. Most restaurants cannot afford to pay their wait staff more then that unless they raised prices significantly. Tipping makes up the difference and allows the wait staff to be able to make more then minimum wage, sometimes significantly more, if they are quality workers.

  • It's nice to show gratitude.

    No, restaurants should not get rid of the tipping system, because it's nice to be able to show appreciation for a good worker. I always like to tip extra because it is buying good service the next time that I go to the restaurant. Workers really depend on the money and I should be allowed to give it if I want to.

  • No, tipping works for everyone involved

    Many food servers like the system of tipping, because it
    makes them feel that they are in charge of the size of their income. Many
    patrons like the system too, because it lets them tell the server, directly,
    just how they feel about the job he or she did. Probably restaurant owners like
    tipping best of all, since it lets them lower their labor costs. If the system
    makes everyone involved happy, why change it?

  • No, tipping drives excellent service.

    Restaurants can't get rid of the tipping system because they can only afford to pay their waitresses a very small hourly rate. Without the tipping system, restaurants would either have to raise their prices about 30%, or add a surcharge to every patron's bill. Tipping is traditionally the way to reward superior service. I think we need to keep this tradition.

  • Gratuity isn't enough.

    Waiters and waitresses are not particularly the highest paid workers in America, but not to say I don't think that they are not valuable to society. I think anyone reading this has had the opportunity to interact with these people. Some good and some bad like all things, but those good are a different breed indeed, these people are in a ideal place to impact people on a formal or sometime informal setting. Body language, a nice attitude, and attentive nature definitely earn my cash. Using monetary compensation is a way to express appreciation.

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