Should restaurants recognize veterans with free or discounted meals on Veteran's Day?

  • Returning the Respect

    In a country where so many freedoms are enjoyed and a day to day basis, it is hard to believe that we let days, possibly months, go by without thanking those who truly make our lifestyle possible. Veteran's day should not go uncelebrated. Even if you do not personally know a veteran, we all certainly enjoy the freedoms which their hard work obtains for us. Our pride in our servicemen should extend into our homes, businesses, and hearts. On the day when we remember the fact that they put their life on the line for our country, we should be willing to put our money down to buy them a meal in thanksgiving.

  • The Veteran Sacrifice

    Those that seek to make the sacrifice to help their community, their families, their country, are the ones that truly embody the belief that human beings can truly be good and selfless. Human beings are such that they can step outside of their own comfort zones and seek to do the greater good. In the case of veterans, they do that and then some and with that, absolutely deserve a meal in recognition of their service and sacrifice. It should not be considered free, as it came with a price.

  • Yes veterans deserve to be honored

    Veterans should be able to eat free on Veteran's day because our entire livelihood is dependent on their sacrifice. American soldiers lay down their life, so that we as Americans can enjoy the liberties not available to people around the world. They have earned their right to be venerated and appreciated on November 11th.

  • They fought for our country.

    I see nothing wrong with restaurants giving free or discounted meals for veteran's on Veteran's Day because it is honoring our veterans for the service they did for our country. Now with that being said I don't think it should be expected of restaurants. I think it should be totally up to the restaurants if they want to honor veterans.

  • Why Should A faceless organization front the cost?

    No, Restaurants should not have to recognize Veterans for anything. The people who have the privilege of eating at the Restaurants should, the people who prophet off of the Restaurants should. Those who earn a living from the Restaurants should. Don't tack the bill onto a corporation. Men and women did not fight and die for Red Lobster, McDonalds, or The Keg. They did so for their families, and Friends. For their loved ones, and not so loved ones. If you want to see a service man/woman, get recognition for their sacrifice, than open up your wallet and show a little sacrifice yourself. Be the recognition, don't demand it of someone else.

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