• Yes,restaurants selling chicken should mark genetically modified chicken.

    Yes,restaurants should mark genetically modified chicken.Consumers should always have the right to know what is in their food.Some people would just not want to eat that kind of chicken,but the way it goes now people would never know their chicken was like that.In the end restaurants need to be more transparent about the product they sell.

  • GMO chicken should be identified as such

    Yes, I believe that restaurants that sell chicken that is genetically modified should be required to mark it as such. It should also be marked in the grocery stores. it should be up the consumer on whether they chose to eat food that has been altered in any way; some may be uncomfortable eating such foods.

  • It's the same chicken.

    No, restaurants selling chicken that is genetically modified should not mark modified chicken as such, because it is still the same chicken and it does not pose any danger to consumers. Farmers have been breeding animals to be better and stronger for years. This is hardly anything new or dangerous.

  • GM Chicken poses no health risk above and beyond chicken raised by other means.

    If a restaurant sells GM chicken, then it should not need to take extra precautions in absence of scientific evidence that GM chickens are any better or worse than chickens raised organically or conventionally. The only thing a restaurant should not do when selling GM chicken is to falsely tell those who ask that the chicken is not GM.

  • No, it will hinder progress.

    So far, all the evidence collected by scientists researching into genetically modified food has shown that there are no health risks involved, and that the process may well help the world food shortage by increasing the amount of food produced. If restaurants are forced to mark food as such, then people will irrationally avoid such places, and slow up the adoption of this technology.

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