Should restrictions be applied to the purchase or rental of NC-17 movies by those who are under the age of 17?

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think that the restrictions are there because many kids aren't capable of processing the things that they would see in NC-17 movies. Some kids develop faster than others. I think that the parents could decide if they thought that their children they had the maturity required to watch those movies.

  • Cause i said so

    Kids should be restricted because kids these days are stupid, they would do things that they see from the movies. Most of the time kids shoot up schools for no reason, they either was bullied when they were young or they saw it on television. One thing that parents should do is raise your child better and you will know that will never do anything that you wouldn't want them to do.

  • Restrictions must be applied to the viewing of NC-17 rentals by minors, because they are rated NC-17 for that reason.

    If an adult, parent, or guardian decides that a minor is allowed to watch a certain video rated NC-17, then there is no problem. However, in the absence of a consenting adult, the movie rental provider must enforce the viewing age, by refusing to rent videos with parental discretion warnings. Perhaps rental establishments should require patrons to enter a birth date and/or present identification when renting a video, much like the law requires cigarette retailers.

    Posted by: GoodJerold49
  • Movies are rated NC-17 for a reason, so no someone under 17 should be able to rent or purchase them.

    NC-17 is an even higher rating then R. That means that it is restricted for anyone under 17. Therefore there is no reason someone under that age should be able to rent or purchase these films. If that person's parents rent it for them, then it's on the parent, but the child should not be able to.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • I support the restriction of sales and rentals of NC-17 movies to those under 17, because the rating states that the content is not suitable for people under the age of 17.

    While the age restriction is not a law, such as those for alcohol or tobacco, there is a board that decides that the content is not suitable for those under the age of 17. The standards used by the board may change over time, but the standards represent what is currently deemed acceptable for the age group.

    Posted by: ScarceLowell
  • Restrictions should certainly be applied to the purchase or rental of NC-17 movies by those under the age of 17, since there is a moral obligation to protect minors from negative influences.

    Movies are given ratings for a reason. As a parent, I look to the rating system as a guide for overseeing what content my children observe via movies. When a movie is rated G, for instance, I am comfortable with all members of my family viewing the film. If the movie has a more adult rating, then I research the content before letting my children watch it. So I would expect that if my fifteen-year-old son walks into a movie store, the clerk would ask for identification, should my son try to purchase an NC-17 title. There is simply no purpose of a rating system if no attempt will be made to respect and reinforce the moral views of parents.

    Posted by: SquealingSeymour
  • What is the purpose of having an NC-17 rating if someone under 17 can rent it or buy it without restriction?

    The same reason why the R rating exists so that children can't watch movies without adult supervision, the NC-17 rating exists as an even stronger safeguard for their protection. If this rating doesn't carry the necessity of proof of age in order to rent or buy it why even have the rating in place?

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Absolutely, as a parent should be able to expect their children can be safe from material that isn't supervised directly by the parent.

    If the parents were to deem that their child was mature enough for the material, the parent could purchase the material for them. NC-17 movies are full of crude language, violence, sexual content, and extremely mature jokes. Parents should be able to be secure in the belief that these subjects would be addressed under their advice, with education and understanding. Parents can't decide how the child takes in the material, but they at least need to be the authority to decide if they are ready for it.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • The MPAA board has reviewed the material and determined that the contents are not suitable for those under 17 years of age, and that decision should be enforced.

    The MPAA board reviews all movies based upon a set of criteria and issues their recommendations concerning the proper age of viewers of the material. Psychologists have shown that exposure to certain material at a certain age can have detrimental effects. Until adulthood, a majority of people have not yet developed a full understanding of certain actions and their consequences. Therefore, access to material depicting such actions should be restricted to adults.

    Posted by: RaymoCanyons
  • I support restrictions being applied to the purchase or rental of NC-17 movies by those who are under the age of 17.

    NC-17 movies generally deal with a subject that is best viewed by those audiences who are very mature. Generally movies with the NC-17 rating will depict scenes of extreme violence or explicit sexual content. Many feel that this would be inappropriate viewing by those who have yet to reach the age of seventeen years of age.

    Posted by: Purf3ctRenc
  • This should be a decision made by parents.

    My Dad allows me to watch movies that are rated r and NC-17. If it is okay with the parent/ guardian then no one else should have a say in the matter. If you don't want to allow your children to see movies like this then don't. Some parents have trust in their kids and allow it, and this decision should be up to them.

  • Pointless

    While I like the sound of the idea in theory, I can't see any way in practice that it would work, especially when most people buy or rent movies online. You can lie about your age, steal someone else's account, pirate the movie, etc. etc. The only way this can be any use is if someone walks into Blockbusters or something and tries to rent an NC-17 movie, which nowadays isn't tremendously likely to happen.

  • I don't believe there should be restrictions on the purchase or rental of NC-17 movies, in that I don't believe it would accomplish much.

    Nearly any film, of any rating, is available online for anyone to download, if they are willing and able to do so. Restricting NC-17 films for purchase or rental is a useless gesture toward morality, when this same customer can go online and find the movie for free. The rental company has just lost a customer, and the "impressionable" youth will see the film anyway.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • No.

    If kids can just go watch them in the theatre with a parent and they and their parent like it, they should be able to buy and watch it for their parent or both of them. If their parent is sick or bed ridden they should be able to do something for their parent. It may be the last movie they ever see. Would any of you be able to deny them that?

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