Should retail workers be required to work on Thanksgiving for early Black Friday openings?

  • It is Not a Religious Holiday

    The main argument would be that Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday and therefor would have no reason to be treated as such. Thanksgiving is a silly holiday really. Yes, it is nice to hang out with the family and have dinner, but the basis of the holiday is inaccurate. So, unless a worker develops a serious illness or has an emergency not involving turkey or cranberries, retail workers should work if asked to.

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  • Put an end to corporate greed!

    I don't believe that retail employees should be required to work on the day of Thanksgiving, a time that should be spent with friends and family. I feel that it's complete bullshit and heartless to require someone who is only making a few dollars an hour anyway to have to leave their families to come in to work and serve a bunch of consumers who can wait until the next day to shop. Do you really think that making a few extra dollars on Thanksgiving which is going to be taxed anyway, is worth more than the time being spent with family who travel both near and far to be with each other? Why don't stores just open at 6am on Black Friday. What is baffling to me is that society will bypass Thanksgiving, to shop for Christmas, a holiday that really has NOTHING to do with gift exchange in the first place. I understand that it is traditional for most families to buy gifts for Christmas, but there is 365 day's in the year and national holidays such as Thanksgiving should not be used as one those days to shop. Also, retailers have sales and specials before Thanksgiving, but if it really means that much to you dismiss spending time with family on Thanksgiving to go stand in long lines, and fight with other shoppers over electronics and clothes, then something is really wrong with you in the head.

  • I see no problem with working on Thanksgiving

    Let me start off by saying, I don't think it should be a <i>requirement</i>, but I do think it should be optional. Some people don't have families to spend Thanksgiving with and would rather make money instead of being alone on Thanksgiving. Closing the store they work at so "everyone can spend time with their families" is just forcing them to not work even when they want to. They might need or want the extra money, but they won't get it because they can't work on Thanksgiving. Personally, I think "family" is bullshit and would love to work on Thanksgiving. I hate my family and I'd rather make money than spend time with them. I'd be pissed if the store I worked at closed so I "can spend Thanksgiving with my family". Also, for people who do want to spend time with family, there are 365 days in a year, and I'm pretty sure most people can spend time with family on other days besides Thanksgiving. It really isn't <i>that</i> big of a deal if someone has to work that day, there are plenty of other days they can have a meal and spend time with family. People are acting as if working on Thanksgiving is totally depriving them of spending any time at all with family. Newsflash, there are 364 other days to spend time with them. Just because it's a holiday does not mean you <i>have</i> to be around family. It's not unfair, get over it.

  • Yes they should

    They should have thanksgiving lunch with their family and then be required to go back to work at 1 o'clock to prepare for the deals. It is just another part of the job. They should get paid double time though to encourage them to stay and make it worth their while

  • Lots of non-essential workers have to do it, why not retailers?

    Is "corporate greed" any different than the societal expectation of having restaurants, movie theaters, airlines, hotels at our service to enhance our holiday even though it means others have to work? I wonder how many squawkers calling for a ban on stores that are open will also refrain from watching television, using the internet or their cell phones in solidarity with the tech workers who keep those running?

  • No, Thanks giving is when you gave thanks to people or god

    Thanks giving is the day to spend time with family members that live in other places , even family members that you have seen for months or years . Well also it depends if you want to work that day. Thanks giving id a National holiday that everyone celebrate , thanks giving is to tank and what we do have while the day that follows is all about what we don't have. Thats my opinion :)

  • Retail workers should be allowed to work on thanksgiving

    If retail worker don't have any family then their cold workers might be there family because they might not like there family. The worker might want to work instead of being home and that's my opinion. I think that if they had a choice they would work instead of at home.

  • They need the money

    Workers and retailers need to prepare for black Friday there for needing to work on thanksgiving. Also pour relaters depend on the thanks giving sales to promote their store for black Friday so they can make money. Also nurses and doctors for incant care need to be there for the people who need care from profetionles a.S.A.P.

  • More to it!

    Nope I see it as your job, all businesses that are successful are in it to turn a profit for the stock holders and the company itself, this includes employees. Unless they are a non-profit, that money earned is spent on wage increases, health plans, benefits and other items that are needed to reinvest in the company in order to make it more successful. This process is cyclic and should be repeated yearly to remain competitive and successful. As for this being done at the expense of families, i refuse to believe that corporate america is turning their focus on them. There are as many people working that day that actually want to as there is that don't. Shweeww im outta breath.....Dont even get me started on religion.

  • Retailers Have Lost Sight Of What Thanksgiving And Christmas Are All About

    I firmly oppose any Retailers or stores whatsoever that choose to remain open against the will of their employees out of sheer greed because all they care about is making more money and totally disregarding the human right that all American's in the working class deserve to have the holidays to spend with their families. No companies, period should be allowed to be open on any of the major holidays except for Transportation, Law Enforcement and Medical Services like Hospitals.

  • I work at walmart

    Not only are we not getting paid extra but i am forced to work a day away from family for the little money i make anyways. You can not put a price on family but to these companies i am only worth $8.30. Is this fair, No, we are forced to miss our families and deal with the pressure of work.

  • Enough of Corporate Greed!

    We should be a nation of values, but instead we are a nation of consumerism. We allow corporations to much power. We are the people, we are the majority!

    I have grown up in a family working paycheck to paycheck trying to keep the roof over our head so I know my mother can't afford to stay home and lose her job over Thanksgiving. This is the reality of many and while corporate families enjoy their family gatherings I, along with many, will have a motherless Thanksgiving.

    Political Officials should see that now more than ever we the people of America need our holidays and we need our family time. Times are hard as many say and many feel. Right now, Americans morale is low and this could be a breaking point for many of us.

    Corporations have Black Friday let families keep Thanksgiving!!

  • Compromise, little incentive

    First of all I work retail and I'm not upset that I have to work, it's how long I have to work. If I was scheduled for a maximum of 5 hours I wouldn't have anything to say, but no instead we're expected to pull all-nighters and smile through our teeth to people that are ungrateful and rude, and for minimum wage it's hardly any incentive for associates to show any loyalty to their employers. Retailers that force workers to come in all day thanksgiving are thankless, have no appreciation for their employees and don't deserve their effort.

  • No, it's gone too far!

    Thanksgiving is a recognized Holiday, why should retail workers be forced to work on Thanksgiving day? I understand Black Friday that's a given, but to make stores open earlier and earlier, is just disgusting. Why should retail workers not be able to celebrate the Holiday with their families, you as the consumer do! Retail workers are people as well & deserve to celebrate the Holiday(s) with their loved ones as well.

  • Family time should trump retailers' bottom line!

    People have to stop being treated like pawns in the economic wheel of retailers whose only interest is the bottom line. Men and women have the right to be with their families on days traditionally set aside for family reunion. It doesn't matter if they eat Chinese food or turkey.

  • All Retailers should close on Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a day that we give thanks to God for the many blessing we have in our lives. This includes our family, friends, children and grandchildren, our health and our jobs. At one time, retailers would open early the day on Thanksgiving and now, they want to open on Thanksgiving Day as early as 6:00 AM. Also, do you believe the retail CEO’s, company Presidents, District Managers and Vice Presidents of Departments show up to their office on Thanksgiving Day? They are all at home enjoying their time with their family while workers are forces to go to work and many do not even get paid time and a half for their hard work.

  • Retail Workers are Human Beings, Too.

    I work retail and am required to work on Black Friday. Yes, I signed up for that when I applied for the job and accepted. I've never complained about Black Friday, but Black Friday is just that: A Friday. In retail, it keeps creeping farther and farther forward. It's a real problem because people who don't live near their families (aka college students) are being asked to come in earlier and earlier every year, making it impossible to go home for Thanksgiving. Black Friday is fine, but keep it contained to Friday, not Thanksgiving. We are human beings with lives, feelings, and families. Black Friday is a day for consumers to forget all three of these factors and see us a soulless drones that do their bidding for them. We should not be required to give up our holiday, since malls keep changing their hours earlier and earlier every year. We didn't sign up for that and being paid $7.25 to get concussions because someone wants a $25 hoodie (saving $10, seriously, there are better benefits with the in-store credit card), no thanks.

  • Compromise, little incentive

    First of all I work retail and I'm not upset that I have to work, it's how long I have to work. If I was scheduled for a maximum of 5 hours I wouldn't have anything to say, but no instead we're expected to pull all-nighters and smile through our teeth to people that are ungrateful and rude, and for minimum wage it's hardly any incentive for associates to show any loyalty to their employers. Retailers that force workers to come in all day thanksgiving are thankless, have no appreciation for their employees and don't deserve their effort.

  • Take a stand! Shop at the Retailers that WILL be closed on Thanksgiving.

    It is a sad trend we've seen with businesses trying to beat out each other with earlier doorbusters. I respect the businesses respecting their employees. For that, I will only shop at the retailers closed on Thanksgiving, and NOT at the retailers robbing their employees of family time...Not even on their online sites. Please join me.

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