• Times have changed and pensions are expensive

    You generate no income in most cases until 18 years old, after that you might work 45 years, then you might live for 30 years or more! There is no way your taxes will cover this and the expectation that the future taxpayers always pays for pensions in their taxes doesn't work. If people can afford to retire, then great, if not, they should not expect income other than what they have saved/earned or might get from children.

  • As in forced retirement, then yes

    The idea of retirement is a fairly new thing. For most of human history, people worked until they died (although, the type of work changed as they aged). Nowdays, society beleives that we should work hard throughout our life and then relax when we are almost done. If a person wants to retire, then go ahead. But he/she should not be forced to.

  • No, retirement should not be abolished

    No, I believe retirement should not be abolished. Although it is a pretty bit big governmental expense and usually drives taxes higher, abolishing retirement wouldn't be a good idea because then some people would have to work for the rest of their life, and couldn't enjoy growing old without worrying about how they will pay for the bills. Also, abolishing retirement would completely scam many people out of money they've been giving through taxes for things like social security.

  • Retirement Is Essential

    Retirement is an essential function of our society. It allows the people who have spent years in the workforce the ability to relax and focus on what is important. The people who are generally eligible for retirement are older and are more likely to have health concerns, so retirement will allow them to appropriately deal with it.

  • Absolutely not

    Seniors who have worked their entire lives deserve to retire when the time comes. I believe it is their right to be able to relax and be able to live on what money they have saved up the little bit that they get from the government.

    Allowing seniors to retire also makes room for the younger generation into the job market. If they did not retire, it would be a lot harder for the younger generations to make their way into the work force. Besides who wants to be working when they're 90 years old?

  • General Retirement

    Generally, you begin work at 16 years old and work for 50 more year consecutively. The retirement age is rising because we can not afford to retire early. I believe at this stage in life (around age 65), we have to dedicate ourselves to family and health, rather than our work. Retirement is well deserved.

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