• I don't think so, but I'm not a Bills fan

    I'm guessing that the front office may be thinking Rex Ryan is close to losing the team. His defense played poorly in both games so far, and although Ryan is an entertain coach, he's probably on his last legs with the Bills. It seems like lots of coaches just rotate through teams and it might be his turn to move on.

  • It is too soon to tell if he should lose his job.

    Although in the NFL, they will probably say that it isn't, I feel that a lot of factors are involved in a team winning or losing. To lose your income because of uncontrollable factors seems a bit harsh. This is the nature of the profession, however, and those who sign up know it up front. I do feel the second week is too soon to cut the head coach for the entire season.

  • No, unless he is completely doing his job incorrectly, Rex Ryan should not lost his job.

    If the only problem was an important game loss, despite the necessity of game wins, it seems as though the coach alone should not take the entire blame. We're talking about NFL players who have million dollar contracts. They also hold a lot of the responsibility to win games for the team.

  • No, Rex Ryan should not lose his job.

    No, Rex Ryan should not lose his job because it is too early in the season to determine how good the team will be. They may be a huge flop, but it is only week 2. If the Bills lose several more games, then he should start looking for different jobs.

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