Should rich individuals pay more taxes in the United States?

  • Yes, they can afford it.

    Rich people can pay much more in taxes while keeping up a high standard of living. Many rich individuals insist on giving away more of their money than they pay in taxes due to the belief they have an obligation to help people. Those who can afford to give more to the community should do so, including paying more taxes.

  • Rich Should Pay More To Uncle Sam

    The rich in America should pay more taxes to help this country. There seems to be no other way. The poor certainly can't help the situation. The government shouldn't have to do away with social welfare programs for lack of money. The rich should pick up the slack. Their lives will not suffer from doing so.

  • Yes, the rich should pay higher taxes.

    Many wealthy individuals work hard for their wealth, but they experience a smaller sense of less when paying taxes compared to low income individuals. They should not receive excessive tax breaks and should pay a higher percentage of taxes. This also helps to balance the income ratio, which creates a sense of satisfaction and fairness among the common people.

  • They have more discretionary income

    It takes a certain amount of income to even survive in the modern economy. Poor people pay a higher percentage of their income for basics like food, rent and transportation. This income should not be taxed as much. So, it makes sense for rich people to pay a higher percentage of taxes than poorer people.

  • Why should I pay more taxes?

    The government taxes over 42% of my income. Why should I be penalized for furthering my education and income bracket? If everyone had the same amount of money, who would bother with learning anything or improving mankind? Maybe if the government stopped handing out money to people that dropped out of high school or grade school, or stopped giving money to career baby makers, or stopped allowing in immigrants with no education nor have any way of making a living, our taxes wouldn't be so high. If you want my kind of income, then make the initiative. Oh sure you'll have over $150 K in student loan debt, and you'll have 8+ years of medical training earning less than $56 K a year while working over 80 hours a week. But why should I have to pay more in taxes because the under achievers feel they deserve more for doing nothing versus getting off their butts and doing something to improve their lives?

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