• Everyone is special

    The rich people should help poverty and little children who are starving to death, everyone in this world is special, the only difference between the rich and the poor is money. Me and my mum are trying hard to help the poor children on other countries and to give money to charity, the only problem is we don't trust the charities because the money we could be giving could be going to terrorists attacks.

  • Yes.

    It's only right.
    Imagine living in a cardboard box on main street, people are stepping on you, ignoring you, even spitting on you!
    Would you want that?
    Um, no.
    You would want support and help.
    People who are wealthier or at least very comfortable with money should help, because they have the resources to do so.

  • Rich people should help poor people.

    Rich people should absolutely help poor people. Poor people should help rich people. Everybody is always trying to help each other. I think the goal of a successful person is always to help himself and as many other people that he can at all times. That should be what we do as society, help each other out.

  • Yes

    yes, I think when rich people help poor people it only benefits our society. Not all poor people are that way because they are lazy or choose to be. Sometimes people fall on hard times and need a helping hand to get back on their feet. Asking the rich to pay higher taxes is a way to help with this.

  • The Rich Owe the Poor

    I think they should. They owe it to society because they are more well off than most people. Also, many rich folk started off poor and worked their way to the top. By giving back to society, they are remaining humble and remembering their roots. I think that the rich should do it out of the goodness of their hearts as well, and not because they want a tax write-off at the end of the year from all the charities they contribute to.

  • Yes i agree

    Because poor people also have the right to live with technology and if they are poor for their fault then they should be given a 2nd chance to stand up and they should be helped by rich people as people should help them in starting their business or giving them work.

  • Giving makes you happy

    Because there is a lot of luck to becoming rich and others are less fortunate. Often a sense of entitlement arises with people thinking they have worked hard for their money and deserve it whereas others don't etc. But no one rich and powerful has got there on their own...Think about the school teachers who taught you, medical staff who treated you, strangers who looked out for you, people who grew food for you or made your clothes, policed the streets. Giving back to the society that helped you is only fair and will also make you feel good. A giving person is a happy person.

  • We are people of one Nation

    We are people of one Nation - that means every human on this World is our brother.
    The reason that we live in different countries, have different language and different color of skin do not give us right to decide who will leave and who will die. Thank you!

  • Yes, but not required

    Wealthy people have been treated very well by life. I do not believe that they should ever be forced to give away any of their wealth to the poor, but that they do have sort of a moral obligation to help them. Someone who has tons of excess money SHOULD use it to help out those less fortunate, but again, they should not be required to.

  • Duh!

    "The poor people all deserve to be poor" WHAT??? WHY??? Because they had the unfortune of being laid off???? "Wealth is meant to be earned, not given." I'm pretty sure "help" also qualifies as donations yah know, not giving them thousands of dollars. But the kicker is this: "NO! That would be socialist." I have heard this crap so many times ,what is wrong with this "socialism"?? We're being fair and charitable!! By this same logic, charities are socialist organizations. Ohmagurd.

  • NO! That would be socialist.

    I do not agree that rich people should help poor people. Poor people are poor for a reason, likewise with the wealthy. The poor people all deserve to be poor because otherwise, they would be wealthy. There should be no reason for a wealthy person to help a poor person, unless the wealthy person is offering a job to the poor person so they can earn money themselves. Wealth is meant to be earned, not to be given.

  • What happened to America?

    While I do believe in Distribution of Wealth among the populous of the United States, it should be recognized that many people that are now rich, once had nothing. What the United States needs is a stronger middle class that is REWARDED with raises, not given money for no apparent reason. If someone is motivated to earn money at any cost, it greatly improves our economy. If someone is to be given money it greatly weakens our work force. While I don't think the gap between rich and poor should be as large as it is, it is essential that we have a stronger workforce rather than more money to share.

  • No more than everyone else.

    While rich people should help poor people it is not their job to do so. If they wish to do so that is their choice however it should be just that - a choice.

    It is all good and well to shift all the responsibility to other people but how does that improve the situation.

    We live in the developed world where it is possible to make a life for your self starting from nothing. If you want to live well then you put in the effort and the hardwork and you reap the rewards later. You don't rely on other hard workers to support you.

  • there is not an obligation, it is a will

    The poor people of the world is government fault. Those government need to come out with a plan to help their own people. Second, poor people need to use birth control in order not to slave their own children in poverty. They need to do more for themselves, such as getting an education and a job to improve themselves. Nobody is responsible to help the ¨poor¨, we need to define who are the poors, everybody is poor in this world. Rich people (most of them) have obtained their wealth either by hard work or by administrating their money carefully, few of them are just crook (politicians).

  • No it won't solve a thing! Evidence from the UK

    As a young and poor person I do not believe I should get handouts. I expected having a good degree from a good university would save me but I was wrong. It is not for other rich strangers to bail me out. If they were smart and hard working enough why should they pay for my misjudgment. The fault is with the government who assumed university education is the key to all woes. Some jobs don't need a degree and a life of debt that richer people should pay for. Also over a generation hand outs have produced laziness and a sense of entitlement, (in hopefully a minority) I'm ashamed to know girls who would rather sit at home n have kids for benefits than get a job. However if you once earned well and payed taxes then it's fair to be helped in hardship when you put in to your society years before. Also agree with rewarding the mid income population stated in an opinion previously.

  • The Poor Are Poor for a Reason

    The poor are poor for a reason. There is always a reason why there are beggars on the streets asking for money. I believe that helping these people will make them believe in luck, Which rarely exists. I believe that instead of giving these beggars big bucks, We should only give a few to push them in the right direction. Another thing I'd like to point out is that the poor must have gotten poor because of their own doing. If they cannot manage their own financial situations, How can we bring ourselves to help them again?

  • No. Robin Hood does not work in real life.

    We will end up with an ever expanding group of "needy" when they get a "free ride" from the rich. The hard working middle class will begin to disappear into oblivion when it becomes easier to collect basic income and other benefits paid for by the rich.

    The rich are not evil. They took the risks that most would not, often work unforgiving hours building buinesses that others would not, they provide employment for others.

    Respect the rich, don't vilify and abuse them.

  • Hear me out. I am only saying no for one reason

    I am going to rephrase the question to "Should rich people be forced to help poor people?" If I were rich(I am not) I would gladly give away some of hard earned my money to the unlucky, not the drunk, high, or insane. I would give it personally, not through charity, because I don't trust them. I believe some welfare is necessary to stop the retarded drunks from dying and ringing up hospital bills, but I think exorbitant welfare is unconstitutional.

  • Ethical but not required

    I don't believe the rich should be forced to help anyone regardless of the situation. The rich are mostly successful as a result of hard work, whereas the poor are mostly unprosperous because of a lack of ambition. Obviously this is not always the case, but it often is. If the rich start helping the poor, they will most likely expect things from the rich which may result in them not doing anything with their lives, as it's being handed to them, without any hard work. If someone is genuinely trying to do good, create wealth and better their lives, they should be the ones getting the help, not those who are dependent on others.

  • They are not entitled to do so.

    I disagree with this motion because no one has to help the poor. If rich can work their way up to have money, so can poor. For most jobs, you do not need a qualification. So, if poor get lucky enough to get into a job, they should not be complaining about the money they get!

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Jstshootme9 says2013-08-04T16:59:46.307
Should rich people help poor people? God no lets wait til all the poor people get a brain to team up and then kidnap and murder all of you rich people because your fancy alarm systems might be operated by a poor person that has no other way to feed the 15 poor hungry people in his or her poor family. Huh the real question is should poor people let rich people live?