• The Rich Should Pay Their Share

    I am not saying that taxes on the rich should be raised. What I'm saying is that the loopholes should be closed, thus raising the amount of taxes for which they are responsible. As it stands now, if a person makes $1 million per year, he or she does not need to pay any tax at all. There are enough loopholes to reduce the amount of taxes due by that person to zero. If everyone paid a simple five percent of their income, however derived, with no deductions and no loopholes, this country would have all the money it needs. Five percent is affordable for everyone and should be paid by even those receiving welfare. Think about it - this will work.

  • Rich should pay more taxes

    Yes, I personally believe that the people who earn more and are rich should pay more taxes. Everyone should pay the same percentage of taxes as the next person. If someone make one million a year, they should pay 15% of taxes just like the person who makes $15,000 a year should pay 15%.

  • It's Simple Mathematics

    If a poor person were to earn $10,000 a year and this was not taxed at all they would have $10,000. I could tax a “millionaire” (someone who earns $1,000,000 a year) at a rate of 90% and they would still be ten times richer than the first. Does the person who earns (gross) a hundred times more in this example work a hundred times longer, or at a hundred times a greater proportion of their mental capacity? How much money do you need to have to lead a happy life? Humans are innately greedy and they will always want more. We shouldn’t throw money at the poor but we shouldn’t leave them in poverty so that Mr/Ms Moneybags can get their ever-increasing consumerist high.

  • Is this really a question?

    Anyone who voted not has no moral compass or ethical principals. Simply put, the top 1 percent of the rich mostly have HUNDREDS of BILLIIONS of dollars, and no one person is entitled to keep that much. Taxes should be based on the ratio of how much a person makes.

  • Wealthy individuals are wasteful with their money

    Although rich people work hard for their money, we have people in the lower class barely getting by and the wealthy people of the nation throw around hundred dollar bills like its candy. They waste their money on pointless riches while people in the low classes struggle everyday. No one i know would ever dare waste a one dollar bill, people that have financial disadvantages literally live paycheck to paycheck while the wealth just swim around in boatfulls of money that theyll waste on gold plated shoes or a 66,000 square foot house. The least they can do is give a little back to the world im sure they wont miss a few bucks

  • Obviousy, its a no brainer

    Did you know that rich people tend to pay less taxes than the everage person.I beleive that rich people shoud pay more taxes because, first ovall they have plenty enough money to go around. Secondly, Its the poor people that tend to pay more taxes. So if you put it into perspective, us, the poor people, are getting even more poor. And the big corporations are getting even bigger and richer.

  • It is unfair if rich people do not pay more taxes.

    Rich people have so much money and it is nothing when they pay taxes and they pay less than poor people, however poor people are having trouble getting jobs and putting food on the table. Some rich people donate money to the poor and needy but it isn't enough and people are starving! It is important that children get a proper meal and education everyday, as you did!

  • Gives a chance for the poor

    How would you feel about becoming poor and not being able to get a job? I'm sure I would hate that. The poor come from low income families most of the time or else the families would help them. I think people with the income of $80,000 a year, that's what I think

  • Cause rich's have more money

    If the rich doesn't give taxes, than the other peoples will need to fill that. And richs get the money from society, so they need to turn them back to the society. Finally, this can increase the taxes and that can go to the public welfare and sharing with others.

  • Yes of course.

    People with less money have troubles everyday in all things. They need to feed their children, they need to furnish a shelter, and they need to find a job if they already don't have a miserable one that gives them minimum pay. Yes, rich people, some of them at least, worked very hard for their money, but they should show so and help the poor, being even fairer.

  • Hard work should be valued

    The only way that any person becomes rich is because somehow the money was earned. They shouldn't be taxed more because they worked hard for their money, and anyone else has the same opportunity to do so. Even if money is inherited, someone worked hard to earn it, and their work should be valued.
    The loopholes aren't the problem. Even if they were eliminated and every rich person was paying full taxes, the money still wouldn't be enough. 1% cannot support 100%. That makes no sense. Everybody should pay the same taxes because the country is made up of everybody.
    Loopholes are irrelevant. Like I said prior, at one point in time, the rich person didn't have the ability to find the loopholes and worked hard to become rich. You want to pay less taxes? Work hard, make money, and use the system to your advantage. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor is just discouraging people from working hard.

  • You want something? Work for it

    Why do people have less money? Is it because they do drugs, alcohol, have a baby outside of wedlock, don't get an education, lack of hard work ethic, no determination or discipline. I mean being rich is special and rare, if being rich wasn't so rare but instead common (under socialism and liberalism) it wouldn't feel as rewarding or great. So few are willing to train at Olympics levels, NBA, NFL, or any professional sport for that matter. Only 3% of Americans even have a doctor's degree, only 4% of Scouts even obtain the rank of Eagle Scout (me being one of them, Eagle Project extremely hard, you literally have to organize an entire project to where it goes perfect and you tell it before it even happens. First-aid, schedule, tools, supplies, list of volunteers, monitoring everybody it was a hassle, the most fun part was shoveling gravel). But when I got my Eagle Scout it felt awesome and I wanna feel that feeling again. So now I'm working hard in school and in running, so I can have that feeling again. And if people didn't have the incentive to make money in products, would Apple exist? Would we all have our awesome iPhones, iPods, Macs, itvs and all of that if Steve Jobs and the shareholders knew that they wouldn't make money off of it. They also hire us, they give us work, fancy products and just something to do. And the top 1% of income earners already pay 40% of Federal taxes, and despite tax cuts under the Bush and Reagan administration the percentage went up because the economy grew fast enough to where long-term more revenues would come. And when you're born no one owes you anything, so you have to work hard and prove to others that you're worth their time and money. Because everybody acts according to their own self-interest and that self-interest has to benefit others so you can make money. If Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight didn't act according to their self-interest I wouldn't have any awesome Nike products or go to NXN (Nike Cross Nationals) with my team. And I hope to work at Nike because as an athlete it'd be the next best thing as being a pro athlete. But without Knight's and Bowerman's self-interest, I might not have found my calling.


    Wealthy citizens should not be required to pay higher tax (percentages) because they fairly earned their money and they should get to keep it. Since taxing is based on a percent, wealthy pay more taxes as it is. Lastly, taxing the wealthy more than the middle and lower class citizens is similar to communism (taking from the workers and the government redistributing how they feel necessary)

  • Flat Tax

    Everybody should have a fair and flat tax rate. Why should someone who has been successful be penalized? Why should they have to carry the rest of us? The tax should be flat and the government should learn to live within their means just like the rest of the country has to.

  • Everyone should pay an equal amount of taxes

    Why on earth would someone who makes more money have to pay more taxes? They worked hard for their money, if someone else is not working the same amount why is that anyone elses fault? If someone is making more then it is THEIR choice if they want to give back donating or with charity etc. I have a very hard working family who worked from the bottom to the top, nothing was handed to them. For anyone making less to feel like they are somehow entitled to anyone elses money is completely outrageous. Go out, and make your own wealth. Those who did have already paid their dues, they don't NEED to pay yours either.

  • They already pay 90% of all the taxes

    They already have the highest income tax out of all the classes, why should the business owners and people who created the jobs in America pay all the taxes? They aren't the only people who make money in this country, and a lot of rich people like Bill Gates already donate enough of their hard earned money to the poor and charities.

  • I believe in less free stuff, more money for the government and lower taxes!

    I think that rich people should not pay more in taxes. We all should pay the same amount of taxes. Why should a rich person that studied hard in university and payed his or her loan pay more? Those "rich" people sometimes work even longer hours than those who are "poor". If you go to downtown you will see that those who get food stamps don't work.They just walk on the streets and hand around. They don't care about anything. They think the government will provide everything for them.They have no reason to work. They will get free food, free education and free medication. Over the summer I volunteered at a Food Pantry, and the thing that I found out is that those ''poor'' people have iPhones, drive BMWs, and have no job. I asked one of the rich visitors how can she get food stamps, drive an expensive car, and use one of the most expensive phones offered and have no job. What she told me was ''Honey, when you work, you have to pay taxes, but since I don't have a job, I don't pay any taxes. I have time for myself. Sometimes I get a cash job, and there is no way government will find that out.'' Also, when I was packing food for the ''poor'' I realized that they are getting ORGANIC food. I was shocked. Not every person who actually works can afford ORGANIC food. I think that if you are hungry and poor you won't even care about if food is organic or not. Another thing is that when those people don't get organic food, they get so mad and frustrated that they will throw those inorganic foods at you and scream ''Why am I getting this bad food?!?'' For these reasons I don't think that rich people should pay more taxes. We all should pay an equal amount of money. Why should a rich person pay for my kid's education, food, and clothes? If I gave birth to those kids it is my responsibility to provide everything they need. This country should stop giving out free stuff and make everyone get a job and finally start paying taxes, instead of sitting at home, watching tv and waiting for the government to provide everything!

  • they already pay enough

    Although I believe loopholes should be closed, I do not believe rich people should be required to give a higher percent of the money they worked for to the government. Why should they? When you go to the grocery store they don't ask you how much you make just so they can raise your bill and make more money off of you. Why should the government do it?

  • Poor people and rich people should pay the same amount in taxes, and get the same amount in services.

    When you pay taxes you are essentialy buying services from the government. You're buying security, and education for your kids, and use of the roads, etc. Services provided should be equal for all citizens as should the cost. A flat rate citizen's tax, and cutting entitlement programs would ensure everyone is treated equaly.

  • Flat tax

    No they shouldn't. a flat tax with almost no loop holes is the only and intelligent answer. It is fair without question as all pay as equals. It would stop rich from loop holing their way out of it as any loop holes should be designed to help the poor only. Either flat tax or only an income tax.

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