• He made enough.

    Yes, Richard Branson should have sold Virgin Records to Thorn EMI in 1992, because Richard Branson already made enough money from the company. Branson has branched into so many other things, that his record company is really only an afterthought. Branson could stop dealing with the day to day of the company and do other things.

  • not at all

    no, i think that he needed to keep this record label, and that now he could be doing a whole lot of music deals now on some big stars and would be making a whole lot of money, but he messed up and sold out before he should have done.

  • Totally not! Virgin Records made his name.

    Virgin Records is a huge part of Richard Branson's enterprise and much of the financial backing for his many other endeavours. Selling that would have lost him a lot of income that he would have had to ask others for rather than relying on his own resources. He made the right decision, hands down.

  • Richard Branson should not of sold

    Richard Branson should not have sold virgin records to EMI in 1992. If that sale would of occurred then virgin records would not of become the company it is today. Richard Branson is glad he did not sell. He enjoys running companies and being the CEO of multiple companies. This was a wise decision.

  • Richard Branson is a sly businessman.

    Virgin Records arguably could have been sold for quite a profit to EMI. However, profit is not what motivated Richard Branson to keep the record label. Mr. Branson wanted a record label in order to fund inspirational artists. Since he did that, and made a decent profit, I would say that it was adventageous for him to keep Virgin Records.

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