• Yes, Richard Nixon Should have resigned.

    In my opinion, Richard Nixon Should have resigned. The Office of the President, was tarnished by Richard Nixon in such a manner that the White House became a joke to the American people and a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Richard Nixon should have resigned as he did and should have been edited for his crimes.

  • Yes, Richard Nixon did the right thing in resigning.

    Most Americans are shocked to find out that we aren't really sure what all Richard Nixon knew about Watergate, at this point; he may not have known about it before it happened. Perhaps one day we will know more. He could have remained President until forced out of office. However, it was a good thing to resign, since the country was in turmoil about what happened. I feel it brought more peace to the country and was more mature of him to resign, and let Gerald Ford assume the presidency.

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