Should Rick Santorum's past statements on homosexuality play a part in his potential campaign for president?

  • Rick Santorum's views on homosexuality should absolutely be taken into consderation.

    Rick Santorum is an outspoken homophobe. His views of LGBT communities and LGBT rights is well documented and known. Santorum wishes to take rights away from the LGBT community and pass laws to make homosexuality illegal (a resurgence of the former 'blue laws'). This must be considered when he runs for President as he does not speak for the vast majority of Americans.

  • Yes, Rick Santorum's statements on homosexuality will play a part in his campaign.

    Rick Santorum is a fringe candidate, spewing Old Testament hate. He has no chance to win the presidency, or even represent his party as the nominee. Even the Republican party, no bastion of open-mindedness, has gone to the left of him when it comes to the LGBT community. The gay fearing majority has gone to the grave, just like Santorum's hopes.

  • Yes, Rick Santorum's past statements are his personal views.

    Yes, Rick Santorum's past statements on homosexuality, should play a part in his potential campaign for president. It is my belief that because all politicians know that they are on camera while speaking publicly, they should refrain from saying or doing anything they do not want to be associated with them, their campaign, or their image for the foreseeable future.

  • Rick Santorum's past statemtents should play a role in his potential campaign for president.

    Rick Santorum's past statements regarding homosexuality are his feelings on the matter, and they should come into play during his campaign for president. People who agree with him on the matter should know how he feels, as well as people who do not agree with him should. His statements should be considered and taken into count during this process.

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