• Yes it should be

    Yes, it should be especially if it ends up to the degree of a person confronting the other person and almost killing them or shooting at them and putting other drivers in a high risk of accident or death even. So it should be considered a crime and the person should loose their license.

  • Road Rage should be a crime

    Road Rage should be a crime. I'm defining road rage as aggressive and or reckless driving, violence and a host of other behaviors committed while behind the wheel. In most cases these actions are already recognized as crimes. I don't think though that driving while being upset at bad traffic could ever be considered a crime.

  • Yes, road rage should be a crime.

    I think that road rage should be a crime. But only if something is done by the suspect that is illegal. I do not think that somebody getting mad while driving is a crime. But if they pull over and start harassing other drivers on the road, then that can be considered a crime.

  • My opinion. I sick of it those road rage act like violence, Accuse, Wrongdoing, Bad stuff, And swear word s to another!

    I hate all crimes! Just like murder, Criminal, Gangster, Cyberbully, Robbery, Burglary, Domestic, Identity theft, Bad devil, Bad soldier, Accuse, Tattle, Ransom, Fraud, Kidnapping, Cyber crime, Attempt, Sexual assault, Arson, Disturbing the peace, Drug possession, Stalking, Theft, Vandalism, Harassment, Extortion, Forgery, Tail someone or somebody else, Shoplifting, Traitor, Fake police, Fake lawyer, Fake judge, Fake security, Fake president, Disorderly conduct, Homicide, Perjury, Threat, Aiding and abetting accessory, Aggravated assault, Child abuse, Racketeering / RICO, Manslaughter, Manslaughter involuntary, Manslaughter voluntary, And Criminal Contempt of Court.

  • Road Rage is normal

    Road rage should not be a crime because road rage is normal and it should be legalized forever ok and yes I think that we should have t9 make it not a crime for road rage ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is no ok ok 👍 ok

  • No it shouldn’t

    I think that road rage should not be a crime because people have the right to be angry at anyone ok and no i think that they should keep road rage legal ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye 👋 ok

  • No . . .

    Road rage is definitely bad but its hard to tell when someone is angry or ow angry they are. Its also not fair to make someone catch a cab just because the are feeling aggravated, obviously that would not help their situation. Next thing you know it will be illegal to be angry at all around people.

  • Road Rage not a Crime

    Road rage itself shouldn't be a crime. It's a feeling. However, what you do because of road rage, shoot someone out the car window, ram into another car, throw something at someone in another car, those things are crimes. How you feel shouldn't be a crime. Certain actions are crimes, especially when done in traffic.

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