• Road rage is a very serious problem today.

    Well there are a lot of very mentally ill people drivers on the road where i am since most of the time i do get Tailgated for no reason at all since i am driving a normal speed to begin with, and since there is a left lane to pass which many people need to be Educated on how to use the that lane. They really are very Troubled people that need help very bad before they cause more serious harm to others which we really need more police on the road to look out for these Losers.

  • No, road rage has nothing to do with mental illness.

    Road rage is not an indication of mental illness. I think road rage is nothing more than a symptom of our over worked, stressed out society. It's true people have become rude, impolite and impatient. I think a lot of this stems from the hectic pace we have to maintain. We are not able to "de-stress" so all it takes is someone on the highway to cut us off and we lose control.

  • No, road rage should not be classified as a mental illness.

    I do not think that the road rage should be classified as a mental illness. I think that road rage is just an example of some people not being able to control their emotions and anger. I think that a mental illness is a serious thing and shouldn't be something that is diagnosed for people with road rage.

  • It is poor behavior.

    No, road rage should not be classified as a mental illness, because a person is not mentally ill simply because they do not have good manners. Not every person who fails to abide by laws is mentally ill. People with road rage simply have impulse control and boundary issues. They need to learn respect.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Road rage may be a sign of an underlying mental illness but it is not an illness on its own. Many people claim to have road rage but can control it, others simply can not. These people more than likely have a mental illness of some type that affects other parts of their life as well. They should seek medical help.

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