• Danger! Danger! Danger!

    These eyesores pose a serious danger to other motorists. Imagine being ejected from a car or motorcycle and you'd have survived if not being impaled or decapitated by one of these selfish displays. In most cases roadside religious endorsement occurs on public secular land. Please respect the wishes and religious beliefs of everyone and not just your own selfish desires. Nothing can bring a loved one back from the grave. Nothing.

  • Yes - they are distracting and depressing

    Not only are roadside memorials another distraction for drivers that already too unaware these days, but these memorials are also depressing. While they may be nice reminders for friends and families of the victims, the rest of us don't want to constantly be reminded that death can happen at any point along the roads we use.

  • Roadside memorials SHOULD be banned.

    I believe that roadside memorials should be banned. My belief is that having memorials on the side of the road cause a major distraction with people looking at them which could lead to more accidents. People are distracted enough as it is when they drive and a lot of them don't pay attention as it is. One thing that we don't need is more distractions on the road.

  • Roadside circus

    They are turning their loved one's death into a circus...Especially when there is more than one item left. Anyone who leaves these "memorials" attached to road signs should be arrested. That is extremely dangerous. I'm sorry you have lost a loved one but don't hinder my loved ones view from important road signs. Causing another persons death just so you could memorialize your loved one is reckless at best. My father died in his bedroom after he lost his battle with cancer. How foolish it would look if we were placing crosses, flowers, trinkets, and whatnot all over the area where he died. My first true love died when he was 19, I was 18. I am so thankful that nobody marked the place of his death along side the road. His close personal loved ones are well aware of where that spot is...No need to make a spectacle of it. There is a reason we have cemeteries. Memorialize your loved one there.

  • Memorials should be at gravesites.

    There are many memorials popping up alongside roadsides as well as nature trails. You see a lot of plastic flowers as well as teddy bears. The death of a loved one is a family affair along with friends. If you want a memorial for your loved one then you should purchase a gravesite in a cemetary. I personally do not think these memorials in trails or along roadsides should be allowed. Although I feel for the family's who have lost their loved ones I feel it's morbid to mark the spot where their loved one was killed.

  • Ban this now

    People die everywhere, stores, schools, parking lots, hospitals. The road is no different, and it's no place to to decorate with garbage in honour of a loved ones. They are depressing, disturbing and distracting. The places for mourning are at your home, at the cemetery, and in conversation. This is littering, dangerous to animals and drivers, and not at all necessary

  • Distracting, Dangerous, and Littering.

    Nothing says I miss my dearly departed like dumping a load of rubbish next to the roadway. I have an old fridge that I would love to unload. If I paint "RIP LovedOne" on it and dump it next to I70 with a note that reads: "Dear LovedOne adored his cold beer, this is for him!"... Is this acceptable? If not, why is any and every other manner of rubbish acceptable. I feel badly for those who have lost a loved one, I do - but grieve at the cemetery (or near the urn on your mantel) like every other civilized human being. It distracts other drivers, causes a hazard if dog forbid, there is another accident in that spot, and it's just plain littering.

  • Not a place for your grief

    No one wants to be reminded of death at many street corners, nor have to see religious symbols on public hi ways. Stop asking the public to share in your grief, pay your respects at a cemetery where the rest of us do. There is one in my neighboring town where a young guy doing 80 mph blew a red light and hit a car entering the intersection. Totally his fault, has a history of this kind of driving and traumatized the other driver for life. No place to memorialize this incident, not accident, these riders bring it on themselves, I see it every day. He was reckless, broke the law and died, deal with it in private, I don't need to see it.

  • Should Roadside Memorial be banned

    I think these things should be banned for numerous reasons. 1) They are depressing and remind me every time I see one that I lost a child. I don't need that thrown in my face everyday. 2) Crosses. I am not a Christian and think that those religions shrines have no place on our highways. 3) They are ugly. 4) they make it hard for the people who mow our road sides jobs more difficult 5) we have cemeteries for that 6) the ones with lights etc are really distracting at night on a dark rural highways

  • Ban roadside memorials

    They are distracting,tacky looking and some of us don't care where someone died. Some intersections around here have 5 to 6 memorials at them. Then the families start competing to see who can erect the largest one. There is a place for memorials and it is called a cemetery .

  • In memory of my brother ARJ

    I am honestly so surprised that anybody would want to take this from a family. When my brother lost his life in a motorcycle accident, We were unprepared and frankly close to broke. . We spent what we had to have him cremated and the rest on a special celebration of life at our home because we did not have an extra 15 grand sitting around at home. We would have loved to have a spot in a cemetary to visit. But we don't have that. The house in front of the accident site has been kind enough to allow us a cross and a few other items on the edge of their lawn. . Distracting? Nobody seems to be crying about the Burger King sign down the road which is about 10 times the size. Or the cones in the middle of the road that almost cause an accident everytime I try to drive around them. . Or the obnoxious rims on a decked out car that everyone stares at. If you are worried about distracted driving lets start in some other important areas before taking the one thing that means something to us.

  • If you are distracted by a roadside memorial sign, You should not be driving.

    The highways are filled with so many fixed and moving visual objects, A fixed memorial should not in any way inhibit one's attention. On long road trips any out of the ordinary objects are a welcomed stimuli, Although these are with a "negative connotation". However, A loved one advocated for their memory and for me, I wonder who? How? What and who did they leave behind? The list of the same wonders have become routine, But not a distraction. They serve a long tradition and bring some peace to the love ones left behind.

  • People have different ways of grieving and make a big deal out of nothing.

    Maybe it's because I live in a less urban area, but that cross, Buddah, Star of David, or Baphomet statue that's ten to fifteen feet away from the road isn't gonna spring to life and jump in the middle of the road. If it was on the sidewalk or on state property or being smashed overhead, then yeah that would be a problem, but the average propped-up against a tree memorial isn't gonna hurt anyone.

  • It's there to hounour and remeber it is not slefish if your doing it in memory for you loss of a loved one

    If you want less memorials then be careful on roads and be safe!Its for the good of the victims family and the community to come together and mourn the loss of people who died and they never even said goodbye to these people so when you see these memorials give respect no matter what religion/background it is for he victims family so be polite and comfort the people in our community who have suffered this tragic loss in there family

  • In Memory of my son, Joel. 3/8/87-2-9-13

    The memorial not only gives their family, friends and members of the community a sense of comfort, but the memorial also serves as a reminder to all who pass the importance of safety.

    Memorials tell the story of lives taken too soon – they have become personal statements bearing witness to a life lost and they act as a memento to others both to offer a moment of quiet reflection on the significance of the fragility of a persons life, and as a heeded warning of dangers we have become too complacent in noticing.
    "Roadside memorials are folk art created out of love and grief. Unfettered by regulations or cost, they are creative acts, restorative acts in the face of destruction. They allow the remembrance to be matched with the death; the death happened in public, the memorial needs to be public, in the very venue that is so intimately connected with the deceased, the place where he died. And since the death was sudden, unexpected, and maybe senseless but not unique, roadside memorials let people know that a particular person, an individual, was alive. They say, we will not let you die unnoticed, you are valuable, you deserve to be remembered. And they invite the world to join in."

  • Want fewer memorials? Drive more safely

    The privilege of driving a motor vehicle on public roads carries with it great responsibility. Too many people do not appreciate this and drive without proper consideration for other road users, the belief that they are safe within their vehicle fixed in their mind. Roadside memorials are a poignant reminder that irresponsible driving can and does take lives.

  • Reminders of danger.

    One of the supporting arguments, said that they are distracting and make accidents more likely. Personally, when I see a roadside memorial, it reminds me how dangerous driving can be and makes me drive more carefully and pay more attention. At least temporarily, they improve my own driving, and I see no reason why they should be banned.

  • Of course not.

    It's an opportunity to learn about a fellow human being. If someone died on the road, it is important to know just how dangerous the roads are. It's a respect of a human life that was taken far too soon. I always make the sign of the cross and a wish the poor soul peace and for his/her family peace.

  • No, they serve a great purpose

    Roadside memorials are decried as 'depressing' and 'eyesores', which is exactly what I hope they should be. We manage to live our lives every day, for the most part, anesthetized to any real emotions. The pinnacle of our empathy for others usually ends at handing a homeless person a dollar. But roadside memorials are one of those rare human emblems in our hum drum lives that actually make you stop, even for just a moment, and consider the pain and damage caused by recklessness. We can afford the departed a second of our conscious thought.

    If having an emotion is too distracting for drivers, they ought not be driving to begin with.

  • No, they shouldn't be banned

    Roadside memorials shouldn't be banned as long as they are not making the area unsafe for people. If having a memorial on the side of the road as a reminder of a lost loved one makes someone feel better then who are we to tell them they are not allowed to. That would be inhumane and unfair.

    Posted by: jus

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