Should Robert Griffin III be the NFL offensive rookie of the year?

  • He Deserves It

    Robert Griffin III deserves to win the offensive rookie of the year award for the 2012 season. He played better than all the other offensive rookies. He led his team to the playoffs while having very impressive stats all year. He only had on bad game this season. He deserves the award more than anyone else.

  • Absolutely yes, he is one of the most exciting rookies in many years.

    The impact of RG3 can be seen very easily in the simple fact that the Redskins immediately became successful once he took command of the offense. As Quarterback is perhaps the single most important position in any team sport, coming into the big boy league and immediately turning a perpetual loser into a division champion makes you pretty much the obvious choice for overall Rookie of the Year award, much less that for offensive rookie.

  • Obviously

    The only real other choice would be Wilson. And I'm just going to start by saying he should be sitting at 10 - 6.

    The other name that gets brought up a lot is Andrew Luck, and while he did have a stellar season, it was not nearly as amazing as RGIII's.

    But seriously, screw Wilson.

  • Yes, definitely!

    Robert Griffin III has had a fantastic season in the NFL! He was a great quarterback when he played for Baylor, and one of the best quarterbacks since Vince Young. He has accomplished so much in his football career, and he deserves to be recognized for all of his NFL achievements!

  • Not at all

    He throws the ball 15 times a game, compared to Luck's 40. Of course Luck is gonna have more INTs. When you throw it 5 times more than another guy you're gonna have more INTs. RGIII also had a better O line, defense and running game. Luck had a horrible O-line, a terrible defense and absolutely no running game. Griffin took a already good 'Skins team and improved them a few games. Luck took a horrible Colts team from 2 wins to 11 wins in one season. Griffin will be a bust in a few years with him running. He's gonna blow his knee and never be able to run like he could, he can't live on his arm alone like Luck can. Griffin isn't a Qb, he's a running back who just so happens to have a good enough arm to throw it 50 yards.

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