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  • Roblox only serves as an introduction to game development

    Although I do think that Roblox can be great for kids and others to learn more about becoming a game developer, I don't believe this makes you a game developer. Many aspects of game developing are absent in Roblox, Such as publishing, Making assets, And often programming. I do know that you can program in Roblox, But I find a lot of the time, (especially with lower-end games on Roblox) that many people simply just take assets and scripts from others and use them. Sure, In real game development this does happen, Such as the Unity Marketplace. However, Roblox "developers" often make games almost entirely out of pre-made assets with very few changes. Roblox is good for learning the basics, But isn't at the same level as real game development.

  • Bruh why even ask

    Roblox is the place to play crappy remakes of good games. Example: Phantom Forces is just Call of Duty Warzone with permanent gamemodes (which now that I'm thinking about it might actually be better that way because you can play whatever way you want but still)
    If they are classified as game developers then they may be arrested for plagiarism.

  • As a former roblox developer and a current UE4 developer, I say no.

    I've used roblox for years and it's how I got into programming. Now I use unreal engine to build games and I can safely say that most developers do not put effort into their games. They all use free models and get undeserved visits and at some point, Money. This is unfair (yes I know that "life is unfair", But the amount of retards on this platform is monumental) and the developers that actually make all the stuff themselves end up not getting many visits.

    Use free models and scripts:
    not a developer

    Makes most or all content themselves or does all scripting themselves:

    But since there are more games with less effort put into them than more games with effort put into them I would say that most roblox developers are not legit game developers and are no different from someone who makes low effor minecraft parkour games.

  • I think not.

    Unfortunately, I cannot say so. First of all, Just because you have a coding language and an engine does NOT make you a developer. If it did, Anyone who has made a scratch character talk could be considered a game developer. Next, Developers are supposed to innovate and come up with new things. Very rarely is that seen on Roblox. Most "developers" on Roblox either make free-modelled crap, Some cash-grab simulator, Or another generic game. Finally, They are cowards. Roblox turns normal children into cuckolds who are forced to abide by things such as "text-filtering" or "keep your game PG". You don't get the option to choose by the way, This is something you HAVE to abide by. This goes directly against the free-spirited creative nature of game development, And thus, I believe Roblox developers are not game developers.

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