Should robots, like the one used in Dallas, be allowed to kill people?

  • Yes, these robots should be used by police.

    Police robots, like the one used to kill the Dallas police shooter, should be used to take out dangerous threats to society. The suspected shooter had exhibited violent and deadly behavior toward law enforcement and the public. Furthermore, the suspect refused to negotiate with police; instead returning fire to them. In short, the only way that some threats can be neutralized is to take them out by using these robots.

  • Technology should be used as best as possible.

    Technology is something that we have this day and age that is taken for granted, up to an unimaginable level. We have to use it as best as we can. We have to put it through it's paces. Robo-Technology also has a good place in law enforcement and military, where when some locations are too dangerous to be infiltrated by humans, robots can come in.

  • Yes, robots should be allowed to kill people

    Violence is violence. A dead man is a dead man, regardless of the ways in which he is killed. In the Dallas shooting, the police officers used the best method they had to end his violent streak. I believe every police officer should have whatever means necessary to end violence, as long as there is a conscience based, moral system in place to control where and when the killing takes place.

  • Robots keep us safe

    The Dallas shooting suspect was killed after police defused a tense confrontation by employing a robot-operated bomb. This an important technological step forward because when robots are used, their operators are kept safe because they are not directly involved in whatever is going on. Therefore I believe that yes, robots can and should be used to kill people if there is legitimate reason to do so.

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