• Never could live his life

    Rock Hudson was never free to be open about who he was or what he was, and for some reason we still debate this to this day. A fine actor and performer in every right, he is still more remembered for the questions about his sexual identity rather than his work.

  • since he was gay

    In those times you could not come out as being gay, especially for a male. If he did, who knew what would of happened? He contracted aids and must had something to do with his lifestyle Which means, it is kind of tragic because he had to live in secret and could of probably received help for his disease, if people were more accepting

  • No, Rock Hudson should not be considered a victim of cultural attitudes.

    While I think it was tragic what happened to Rock Hudson, he was in no way a victim. Society was definitely less accepting of his lifestyle back then, but people need to take responsibility for their actions and not act like victims all the time. I do think though that if he lived today, he would have been happier.

  • Well, no, I don't.

    I don't consider Rock Hudson's life to be particularly tragic at all. He chose to portray himself as a heterosexual, and this choice contributed widely to his success. From what I understand, those close to him knew the truth about his sexuality, and he was an active homosexual throughout his life, needing only to keep it out of public knowledge. Truthfully, I think Rock Hudson suffered less than many homosexuals, most of whom had to keep their sexuality hidden during that time in our history.

  • No he was an icon

    He was one of the best actors of all time. Who cares if he was gay or straight. We need to start minding our own business and leave these people alone. Like the saying goes Don't clean my side of the street unless your side of the street is clean. He was a legend and nobody really knew he was gay till he was dying from AIDS.

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