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  • No, he could not acknowledge that he had AIDS.

    I completely accept the fact that Rock Hudson worked so hard to hide the fact that he was gay. The world did not tolerate gays back then. He was a movie idol and admitting it would have been the end of his career and the end of his huge moneymaking potential for the film companies. I'm sure they urged him to hide it. So when he developed AIDS, he was forced to keep that a secret also.

  • No, he shouldn't.

    No, I don't believe that Rock Hudson should have been criticized for hiding the fact that he had AIDS from the public. It really wasn't the business of the public. Also, the 80's were a different time. People were not so kind to gay people back then and were terrified about AIDS and the misunderstandings that they had. As long as he told his sexual partners about his status, I don't think it was bad of him to keep it private from everyone else.

  • Rock Hudson was right

    Rock Hudson should not be critisized for not disclosing he had AIDS because when he had it not nearly as much was known about the disease as is today. He also did not want people to know that he lived a gay lifestyle. He also shuld of not knowingly infected anyone else.

  • No Hed Shouldn't

    I do not believe Rock Hudson should be criticized for hiding the fact that he had AIDS. Rock Hudson was known due to his prolific acting career and his plethora of roles in Hollywood films. I do not believe celebrities should feel the need to reveal everything about their life to the public, therefore I have no problem with the fact that Rock Hudson withheld some of his medical information.

  • not our business

    No, he should not be criticized for hiding the fact that he had AIDS. This was his business, and it is not our place to say whether or not he needs to let everyone know what he has. I think if he wants to tell it is all up to him.

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