• Yes, he should

    It doesn't matter if he was gay or not. I think we all have gotten past the whole gay thing now. People shouldn't be identified for what they like,but what they did. I have seen some of his films and he doesn't embodied the feminine figure in anyway or form. He was a good looking actor and grand in stature.

  • Only Reason The Public Knew Of Him

    I believe Rock Hudson should be primarily remembered for his film career because that is the only reason he was well known by the public. If not for his film career people wouldn't know who he was, nor would they be able to watch the plethora of films he acted in.

  • Yes, that's who he was.

    Rock Hudson should and will be remembered for his film career. And he should be remembered that way. It was a brilliant career, he was a great actor, and he absolutely captivated millions of people. Of course there was other things that he did, great things, but the film career defines him in the public eye.

  • Yes, he earned it.

    I am a fan of the old Rock Hudson movies and believe he should be remembered primarily for these movies. He was a versatile actor with a strong presence and a unique sense of humor. I honestly didn't know he was gay until I read the headline while standing in a checkout line one day. Unfortunately, society seems to keep insisting he will be remembered more for being gay than a talented actor.

  • Rock Hudson's Legacy Is More Than Just Acting

    Although Rock Hudson is known primarily as a leading man for his film career, his legacy extends beyond that. Rock Hudson was diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-1980s, at the beginning of the AIDS crisis. His diagnosis and untimely death had an immediate impact on the visibility of this disease. He should be remembered for this in addition to his film career.

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