• Rock Hudson's marriage should be viewed as a career move.

    Rock Hudson's marriage should be viewed as a career move. Most Hollywood movie stars marriages are career moves and advancements for publicity. It helps them with their place and statue in Hollywood and definately helps with their financial situations. Even though most of the marriages do not last too long.

  • Most Hollywood marriages are.

    Yes, Rock Hudson's marriage could be viewed as a career move, because at the time, it could not be known that he was a homosexual. Hudson proposed after only a brief period. It was always said that the proposal was not for love, but because his acting career would have ended if people had know that he was homosexual.

  • It was most definitely an arranged marriage.

    Of course it should. Rock Hudson was gay, and he was the first high profile celebrity to die from the disease in the 1980s. Quite a few stars of his era were gay, and weddings were usually arranged by the studios and/or publicists to cover this up. I'm sure he felt affection for her, but only as a friend.

  • Rock Hudson was savy

    Rock Hudson's marriage should be move as a career move because it helped portray him as a regular guy. He obviously did not want to marry a girl because he was gay but his advisors most likely told him it would help his career. It was a smart business move .

  • More Than Likely

    Given the circumstances I would have to assume Rock Hudson's marriage was a career move and I think it is wise to view it that way. Times have certainly changed, especially in the entertainment industry. Hopefully we've reached a point in society where people don't feel they need to portray someone else in public.

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