• Yes it should.

    Abortions were already being legally performed at the time, but only when they posed a direct medical threat to the mother. The ruling of this case was that the protections in the 14th amendment extended to the rights of a woman's body and her respective privacy. The Texas district attorney (Wade) argued that the state had two interests to protect: the health and well-being of the mother, and the health and well-being of the unborn child. The court ruled 7-2 that women and their doctors have autonomy in the say to terminate a pregnancy for the entirety of it's term. States do, however, have rights to regulate terms for abortions in later stages of pregnancy under this decision. 7-2 is a pretty big majority.

    So why do I think the decision should be overturned? Simply because of my very bias moral values, and the innate belief that fetuses have rights too. I can recall another 7-2 decision supreme court decision from back in 1857, that said that the Bill of Rights didn't apply to black people. Thankfully our morals have evolved since that time. I can only hope that our morals will some day evolve on this topic in the right direction. Childbirth statistically poses a .0072% chance of death to the mother.

    Abortion poses a 100% chance of death to the fetus.

    Plus, Roe has changed her tune since that supreme court ruling, and is now dedicated to overturning the decision herself.

  • Abortion is morally wrong

    It is a violation of people's right to LIFE liberty and happiness. Even if a fetus isn't a person they eventually will be one so by killing it you take away a persons chance at life. Also abortion should not be necessary because of all of the other forms of birth control available such as condoms, contraceptives, pills, etc. Adoption is also an option. If a mother cannot afford a baby she can put it up for adoption. In cases where a woman was raped ask yourself Why is the baby being given the death penalty for the crime of the father. Rape is a terrible thing but the child is innocent. Abortion should NEVER be funded by the state because the US is supposed to represent everyone and a large part of America believes that abortion is wrong.

  • "A person is a person no matter how small"

    No matter what, a person's a person. Abortion is wrong, no need to kill an innocent child for your own need. What ever the reason is, you have no right to end the life that carries a pure soul. I hope that people in the future realize this fact. It is wrong, and most women feel guilty after getting an abortion.

  • Allowing women to have autonomy over their own bodies is a basic human right

    Before the age of sentience (when a fetus can feel pain at 6 months) there is no ethical issue whatsoever and after that time, fetal anethesia is already required for the very rare late term abortions. Late term abortions are most likely done in the case of severe medical problems with either the mothers health in danger due or the baby is so deformed and messed up that life will be as a vegetable or similar. No woman should be forced to carry through with an unwanted pregnancy but especially these poor women who sometimes have to get late term abortions. Are you going to care for the vegetable child that will be hooked up to machines and probably suffer more being kept alive ?? Didn't think so. The bottom line is, pregnancy and birth is highly risky for a woman and mistakes happen, the choice should always be the woman's to make because its her body.

  • Abortion should remain legal

    If women were denied legal access to abortion, then they are more likely to resort to back-alley abortions, which are more hazardous. And what if the child was conceived as a result of rape or incest? If the former is the case, it's not fair for the women to have to continue carrying a child that was conceived against her will.

  • Abortion is morally wrong, but is necessary as a society.

    Morals are something individuals choose themselves based on many different perspectives. Regardless, you do not force your moral code onto others.
    Morally allowing someone to be born when you have already logically determined they will live a life of suffering is far worst then putting them out of their misery.
    Let us consider the instant of conception as a living person. The mother is still put at risk to keep the other human alive. "No human must against their own will be expected to risk their own life for another human. "

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Fernyx says2016-01-28T15:29:44.890
Because it takes 2 to have a kid, if a father is present, they should have a vote.