• Roger Clemens is the man.

    Roger Clemens is simply one of the best pitchers to ever play the game of baseball. No question about it at all. Although the steroid thing puts a damper on his "reputation" his contributions to the sport are insurmountable and are an exemplification of his dedication and abilities. Roger Clemens will go down as one of the greats, whether or not he gets in the hall of fame.

  • Clemens Should Be A Hall of Famer

    Roger Clemens is one of the best pitchers to ever step on a mound. He is a Cy Young winner and a World Series Champion with the resume to get him into the Hall of Fame. I understand the steroid controversy is a stain on his career but it does not outweigh what he has done in the league.

  • 4,672

    Clemens has had 4,672 strike-outs in his career, the third most of anybody. If this in itself is not worthy of hall of fame induction than they are being far too strict. He even struck out 20 batters in a single game, something few pitchers can say. Athletes should be celebrated.

  • Integrity Also Matters!

    Saying that Clemens and Bonds had HOF numbers before they took steroids and should be in the Hall is like saying Pete Rose got 4,200 hits before he bet on the games. The ENTIRE career needs to be looked at, not just a section of it! Keep the Hall clean!

  • A Disgrace to Baseball

    To not allow Pete Rose (who has the record for most hits in MLB history) into the Hall of Fame for betting on games (an act that did not affect his stats) and allow any player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame that used performance enhancing drugs is a joke. You can rattle off any number of his statistics you want, but those stats were influenced by PEDs.

  • Cheaters not welcome

    First of all, I'm not even a baseball fan. This is such a ridiculous issue to me. How can baseball ban Pete Rose from the hall for betting on games (in which he had no involvement no less), yet not automatically ban guys who broke home run records by breaking the rules? Baseball has this wrong. Clemens and these other guys should not even be on the ballot. If any of them ever get in, it needs to say on the plaque "Was great, but cheated". If Clemens was so good (which I'm not saying he isn't) he should have just done it naturally and not enhanced himself to boost what he already was. Bonds had a great eye and stole bases before he started juicing. Why tarnish your legacy. Unfortunately, these guys are on the ballots and may someday get in. The real victim in all of this is Pete Rose.

  • No.

    Roger Clemens should not be in the Hall of Fame. It has been proven that he cheated to achieve his successful baseball career. He was using performance enhancing drugs during some of the best years of his career including when he won the World Series with the New York Yankees. Just as other players who cheated should not be in the Hall of Fame, Roger Clemens should not.

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