Should Roger Clemens have been elected into the MLB Hall of Fame?

  • Let him in.

    He was found not guilty in the court of law. There was no proof that he did any drugs. It's hard to believe that he pitched 4500 strike outs on drugs and over 300 wins. I say, let him in. It would be a shame that the list of the top 20 pitchers and Roger being 3rd pon the list, is not in the bhof.

  • No, they need to take a hard line on this

    If a sport is trying to make sure that all its players are clean, then if a player is proven to be taking drugs he should not be rewarded by being elected to a hall of fame. That is just showing that there are no real consequences for doing something illegal.

  • Recognizing cheaters for achievement sends the wrong message.

    Drug use in professional sports not only demeans the spirit of competition but also sends terrible messages to children. Electing Clemens to the Hall of Fame is an act that supports drug use as an honorable way to become a winner. Children absorb these messages and enact them in their lives. There is already enough of a drug problem in the U.S. without patting athletes in the back for cheating.

  • No. He used steroids.

    Roger Clemens was an amazing pitcher and probably would have been close to as good without using steroids. But his arrogance and his cheating means that he does not deserve this honor. His legacy is marred. He will still be remembered as a great, but he does not merit induction to the hall.

  • Clemens Should Not be In The Hall of Fame

    Roger Clemens was a great player, one of the best pitchers ever, but he should not have been elected into the Hall of Fame. He used steroids and cheated. Due to this, he does not belong in Cooperstown. Cheating is wrong and should not be rewarded, no matter how great you are or were.

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