Should Roma people be given refugee status in Europe due to their nomadic nature?

  • Yes, the Roma deserve protection.

    The Roma people are a nomadic group who are a minority in Europe and have often been persecuted unjustly for their ways. If they could be given the status of refugees, then they would be on their way to a dialogue with other Europeans that could result in working out mutual benefits.

  • Yes, they are persecuted.

    Yes, the Roma people should be given refugee status in Europe because of their nomadic nature, because doing so will allow the people to settle. Many Roma people are afraid to put down roots because they are afraid of mistreatment from governments or from individuals. If they are offered refugee status, they can know they are embraced by the country and welcomed as residents.

  • Roma people should not be given refugee status in Europe due to their nomadic nature.

    The Roma should not be allowed into European countries simply because of their nomadic nature. Refugee status is reserved for peoples fleeing from actual conflicts and who have recently lost their homeland. The Roma should be integrated into European society, but they should not be classified as refugees because they are not.

  • Roma's Don't Need Refugee Status

    Unfortunately, the Roma people are a persecuted group in Europe. Some people do target them with violence and other penalties. That doesn't mean the Romas deserve refugee status throughout all of Europe, though. These people do deserve extra protections, but such a far-reaching status is mostly unnecessary at this point.

  • Roma people don't need refugee status

    Roma people do have a cultural tendency to be nomadic, but that does not mean they should be granted refugee status. Refugees are people who are fleeing their country due to war, famine, or other horrible things. Roma's (from Romania) do nor fit that stereotype and should not be granted refugee status.

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